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Kayaking tours around Brisbane

Paddle your way around some of Brisbane’s best and most beautiful rivers and creeks and explore Moreton Bay with this guide on where to take a kayak tour – or grab a paddle and venture out on your own.



Whether you’re a novice or a veteran at the art of paddling, be captivated by the charm of Brisbane City from the water. If you’re after the perfect date for an active partner, unwind with a sunset view from the river or opt for a night-time kayak, complete with drinks and nibbles on the elegant Riverlife deck. This is Brisbane’s only kayaking tour in the heart of the city.

Redlands Kayak Tours

Paddle the blue waters of Moreton Bay with Redlands Kayak Tours for an all-natural outdoors experience with friends and family. Beginners can start easy with an hour-and-a-half tour, while the half-day tours last three hours to give you the chance to get used to your new sea legs (or strong arms). For experienced – and fit – paddlers, a full-day tour lasts five hours and covers a 25km circuit. There’s a chance you’ll see aquatic wildlife – like dolphins! – as you explore the crystal-clear water.

Straddie Adventures

Straddie Adventures

Discover Straddie like you’ve never seen it before with a variety of guided tours, courtesy of locals and traditional custodians. See turtles, stingrays, dolphins, birds plus other sea creatures and wildlife as you kayak around the top end of the island or around the paperbark-lined Brown Lake. Quandamooka First Nations guides can also show you how to spearfish from your kayak, as well as introducing you to traditional foods, on shorter or full-day tours.

Australian Sunset Safaris

Take a day (and night) out away from the city for a truly spectacular experience on Moreton Island. Sunset Safaris has a fleet of transparent kayaks that allow you to float over the old wrecks and watch fish dart beneath you. Opt for the two-day tour so you can return to the wrecks by night (extra cost) and watch a different world come alive under the sea, illuminated by the light of your vessel.

Walkabout Creek Adventures

Explore the southern end of the D’Aguilar National Park on the water with Walkabout Creek Adventures’ kayak tours. For a short tour and a bit of an adventure, check out its hour-long package – half tour, half hire. For a longer, guided tour of the lake for wildlife spotting and location exploring, eye off the hour-and-a-half option.

Want to explore more of Brisbane, but this time preferably on dry land? Try our cycle tours or foot tours to keep active if your sea legs aren’t quite up to it.

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