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Sandboarding on Moreton Island

The world’s third biggest sand island is located a short ferry ride from the capital city of Brisbane and we think this island paradise offers the best sandboarding or sand surfing experience in Australia. Plus, the whole island is made of sand – so this is just one more way to just embrace it. 

What is sandboarding? 

First things first, sand boarding is a sport that involves sliding down giant sand dunes while standing up, with your feet strapped in – like a snowboard. This is for the experts. The average person who wants to sandboard, or sand toboggan, will use a small, thin, hard and waxed board and lie on their stomach or sit with their knees up.

Why is Moreton Island the best location in Australia?

Moreton Island is home to one of the world’s highest sand dunes. At the centre of the island, Mt Tempest comes in at 280m high. While you can hike up to the summit, you can’t sandboard down this sand mountain. There are multiple spots to sandboard on Moreton Island though. 

The Desert (centre west of Island) and the Big and Little Sand Hills (near the south of island) are the best spots, and are great for beginners too. The Big Sand Hills area has very steep dunes around 90m if you want to pick up speed! 

From the top of the dunes you’ll be treated to a spectacular panoramic vantage point over Moreton Island and Moreton Bay. The island is 95% national park and remains relatively untouched by human hands. Combine this natural paradise with the swirling blue hues of the bay for stunning and breathtaking views.

What does sand boarding feel like?

Sandboarding on Moreton Island

Well, once you’ve hiked up the giant dune with a board under your arm it’s time for the adrenaline rush. Set your board on the dune edge, lie on your stomach, use your hands to bend the front edge up (let it go halfway down and you’ll enjoy a ‘Moreton Sand-wich’ for lunch). When ready, tuck those elbows in and push off or have a friend push you.

Once you’re over the edge, you can reach speeds of up to 60km/h. Phew. It’s over in what feels like seconds, and you feel amaaazing. Time to climb to the top again? Yes! 

How to get to the Moreton Island sand dunes?

So glad you asked. Australian Sunset Safaris, Sunrover and Moreton Bay Escapes all offer sand tobogganing as part of their one-day Moreton Island tours. On the tours you get to snorkel around the epic Tangalooma Wrecks, made up of 15 old ships. Alternatively Tangalooma Island Resort runs a 90-minute Desert Safari Tour three times a day that takes you to the dunes. 

And, of course, if you have the equipment, all you need is a 4WD to get you around the island as all roads are made of sand.

What else can I do on Moreton Island?

Snorkel. Scuba dive. Eat fresh seafood. Swim at champagne pools. Parasail. Dive in a lake. Set up camp. We’ve written a pretty handy guide that outlines 35 things you can do and see on Moreton Island near Brisbane

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