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Testing the tee-off: a round of Supa Golf at Sirromet

Visit Brisbane's very own Graeme Wilson takes on Sirromet's new Supa Golf course at Mount Cotton

Golf is a funny game, and watching me play certainly adds to the humour. Let’s put it this way … if I played for money, I’d now be burdened with the equivalent debt of an impoverished Third World country.

For those old enough to remember, I am to golf what Eddie The Eagle was to ski-jumping and Eric The Eel was to swimming. I’m more Tigga than Tiger, more guppy than Shark … I think you’re getting the picture.

Supa Golf
Graeme working on his putting

So it was with some trepidation that I fronted up at the first tee of Sirromet’s new Supa Golf course at Mount Cotton for a special sneak preview.

Despite the fact I’d been assured this form of golf was fool proof, I feared I would be the fool who proved the Sirromet folk wrong. My sleepless nights leading up to the launch were overkill and I shouldn’t have been so worried … even I couldn’t mess this up.

How Supa Golf works

Supa Golf is a modified form of the traditional game, with oversized clubs and balls designed so anyone aged 6 to 106 is in with a fighting chance of making par on each of the nine holes, and the occasional birdie is also within the reach of most.

Each player starts the round with a buggy consisting of four over-sized clubs (driver, iron, chipper, putter – left and right-handed options available) and large, colourful balls specially designed to assist in keeping you out of trouble.

Supa Golf

Bonus...no penalty when trees get in the way!

The Supa Golf club head is about twice as big as a regular golf club, and the ball is also about twice the size of regular ball. The combination means each shot goes about a third of the distance of a standard golf shot, meaning small errors in judgement don’t have major consequences. 

The hole is also about two-and-a-half times bigger than usual, and there’s a total absence of sand bunkers and water traps. So everything’s geared to giving the player maximum success (and therefore enjoyment).

The shortest of the nine holes is the par 3 68m ninth, while the longest is the 150m par 5 fourth. A steady trip around the course, carefully avoiding any overnight obstacles left by grazing kangaroos, takes about an hour.

Dress code? What dress code?

Supa Golf

There’s no dress code, which I fortunately discovered in time to leave my brightly checkered plus-fours hanging in the wardrobe where they probably belong. The gently rolling course itself certainly doesn’t have the manicured feel of an Augusta or St Andrews, but that just adds to the relaxed nature of a round. You’re not constantly worrying about upsetting some pedantic greensman armed with a pair of nail scissors for delicate adjustments to the putting surface.

In keeping with the vineyards theme, wine barrels mark the start of each hole (forget it, they’re empty – I checked) and the Sirromet “clubhouse” on the nearby hill awaits the end of your round.

Good for beginners, and Graeme

I can be a slow learner, but I picked up the nuances of Supa Golf relatively quickly. My first effort with the driver saw the ball soar skywards like a Cape Canaveral rocket, only to come back down to Earth a mere 10 metres away from its launch point. But with a slight adjustment, my next attempt travelled straight as an arrow for a full 100m, filling me with hope that I could indeed master this new form of the game.

It’s great fun for novices, and close enough to the real thing for regular players to also enjoy the experience. I had my share of highs (a birdie 4 on the par 5 fourth) and lows (a triple bogey 7 on the par 4 sixth), but was never in danger of losing a ball (or my cool) and am now a huge advocate of the game as a fun outing for all the family.


With the added lure of great wine and food at Queensland’s largest and most awarded winery, just 30 minutes from the city centre, it’s guaranteed I’ll be back.

The cost of a round is adults $18, children $15 and a family pass $60. Check out full details of Queensland’s first Supa Golf course here.

Wine time, you deserve it

And after your round, enjoy everything else that Sirromet has to offer. The winery is home to a state-of-the-art production facility, award-winning Restaurant Lurleen’s, Italian-inspired cafe Tuscan Terrace, and Cellar Door, offering winery tours and tastings.

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