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Awesome things to do at bars in Brisbane

Whether you’re on a date or hanging out with a group of mates, sometimes sitting at a bar just isn’t enough. 

We hear you – you want fun, and you want it now. From pool and trivia, to board games and karaoke – we’ve put together the ultimate list of awesome things to do at bars in Brisbane. 


Finn McCools

A long-standing battle among mates, a game of pool is a great way to ensure you’re up and about mingling while engaging in a bit of healthy competition. 

Pool tables are often found at traditional pubs, but a number of bars are bringing back the classic pastime. Have your chalk and cue ready to play at Finn McCoolsDefiant Duck, Fat Louie’s, The Stock Exchange, Archive Beer Boutique and the Boundary Hotel.


Archive Beer Boutique

Whoever allowed sharp flying objects into the hands of those at a pub must have been a little bit insane, but it’s this insanity that makes for a good game of darts.

This game of skill (or luck, for the majority of us) is so popular that national and international darts competitions draw crowds of fans and thousands of dollars’ worth of prize money. This sport is serious, but only if you make it. 

Want to find out how good your eye is? Give it a go at the Brook Hotel at Mitchelton or Archive Beer Boutique in West End. 

Ping Pong/Table Tennis

Limes Hotel
Limes Rooftop Bar

Impress your friends and whip out those tricky shots like you’re a pro table tennis player at the Olympics. Start a knock-out competition and determine once and for all who the ping pong champ is. Head to Limes Rooftop Bar to begin the battle. 

Giant Jenga

It’s the same as the fiddly table game you played as a kid, only life-size. Stack ‘em high then wiggle the blocks out one-by-one – but don’t let the tower fall! Bulk laughs will be had all ‘round. Try it at the Woolly Mammoth in the Valley.


Have you got a good set of pipes that never get heard outside your car, or does the sound of your singing voice make a distressed cat sound like Beyoncé? Whatever the case, karaoke is tons of fun with a group of friends. 

Bust out your best rendition of Livin’ on a Prayer at the Brunswick Hotel, 2002 Cyber City, Fat Louie’s, Strike Wintergarden or Ben’s Vietnamese

Board games

Board Games and Burgers @ Grill'd, Fortitude Valley

The latest craze to take over your favourite venues are board games. Yes, that’s right – your childhood games are popular once again with a flood of games nights held across Brisbane each week. 

With a less physical, more intellectual battle on your hands, this is one you’re not likely to get bored of in a hurry. 

Club Sosay in Paddington and Go Lounge on Logan Rd are both dedicated board games venues. Or for bars that hold games nights, head to The End, Defiant Duck, Bloodhound Bar, The Loot Room, Padre Bar, Fox and Rabbit, and Board Games and Burgers at Grill’d Fortitude Valley. 

Pull up a seat and have your dice-rolling hand ready. Monopoly, anyone? 


If you’ve got a head full of useless information, trivia nights could be your time to shine. Put yourself (and your team) to the test with anything but boring old trivia nights at your local. These quizzes incorporate multimedia and themes, think Star Wars, Game of Thrones and The Simpsons

Knowledge is power. Do you think you’ve got what it takes? Man vs Bear Trivia are at Kettle and TinThe Red Room and Grill’d Wintergarden on Tuesdays, Shady Palms and The Stock Exchange on Wednesdays and The Brightside and Finn McCools on Thursdays. Saccharomyces Beer Café at South Brisbane have sporadic trivia nights covering the likes of Futurama and Seinfeld

Let the good times roll