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Swing through the jungle with Treetop Challenge

Strap yourself in and prepare to tackle Australia’s largest treetop adventure park. With more than 120 challenges to face head on, we put our own lives on the literal wires to test this experience for you. Spoiler: we lived to tell the tale.

First things first

Before setting off you’ll need to acquire a harness, gloves and helmet and listen to a safety presentation. From there it’s time for a practice run on how to use the fancy calipers that keep you safe. Soon enough you’re off across the bridge – they wobble, so I guess it’s like getting your sea legs.

Oh, this is quite high

Remember how you’re totally cool with heights? Yeah, maybe so much not hey. The course starts easy with a few wires, progressing quickly to other challenges including flying foxes, moving platforms and loose nets to scramble through.

Ziplines are super fun through

Just call us George of the jungle. There’s nothing quite like the thrill of flying from one tree to another at top speed. There are 10 ziplines scattered through the 9 acre treetop course and they’re definitely a highlight.

How long does it take?

To complete the whole park, squash all your fears and come out stronger than ever it takes around three to four hours. Sore abs the next day are a bonus.

Hungry for more? Double up with the Canyon Flyer

Canyon Flyer

Love a zipline? Same. The Canyon Flyer is Australia’s largest, highest and fastest guided zipline tour, consisting of seven massive zip lines. Some span 1.4km. With a guide you cross Cedar Creek Gorge multiple times before dropping into the gorge and flying just above the tree top canopy below. It takes three hours and will take you 60m high and at up to 70km per hour in speed. 

Too young? Try the Juniors Park

Australia's Largest TreeTop Adventure for children aged 3 to 7 is open. It features two courses that are low to the ground, with more than 50 challenges designed to build up their confidence and motor skills.

Other things you can do at Thunderbird Park

The Treetoop Challenge sits within Thunderbird Park, Australia’s largest adventure playground. Besides these adrenaline fueled activities, you can also fossick for thunder eggs, go horse riding, play mini golf or laser tag, feed birds, go bush walking, watch an Aboriginal Corroboree show, eat lunch and even stay the night.

Other things you can do nearby

Just up the road is the Tamborine Rainforest Skywalk, a gentle 1.5km rainforest trail that includes a bridge that juts out into the lush landscape to soak in the views. A little further on is the busy Gallery Walk with pubs, restaurants, shops and more to explore.

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