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Wynnum Wading Pool

The Wynnum Wading Pool and adjoining playground have been a much-loved destination for a family day out since opening in 1932. The large pool fills with seawater at high tide and is an ideal spot for kids to splash around and have fun without having to venture out into the open water. There are steps down into the pool and most sides, and a small slippery slide at one end.

Make a day of it

Bring along a picnic spread or food to barbecue and stay for the day. Just a few metres from the water park are a number of picnic tables and electric barbecues. At low tide, kids can chase the legions of soldier crabs scuttling across the foreshore. Then finish the day with ice-cream and fish and chips on the jetty.

Tidal pool history

The bayside Wynnum area has always been been popular with holiday-makers in Brisbane, and this special tidal pool was built during the 1930s Depression as part of the Unemployment Relief System to provide work projects for the unemployed.

How big is the Wynnum Wading Pool? 

The large, oval-shaped pool measures a huge 128m by 54m, and is 0.75m deep at the centre. 

How does it work?

A concrete sea wall creates a barrier (and walkway) between the pool and Moreton Bay. Three pipes allow sea water to flow in at high tide, and flood gates shut to prevent water from receding at low tide. Mesh covers the pipes to stop marine life entering. The base is made of compacted clay and is covered with fresh sand fortnightly. Few alterations have been made to the pool since its original construction.

What else is nearby?

The Manly jetty juts out into the bay nearby the pool, plus there are barbecue and picnic facilities for use along with showers and change rooms. There is also a man-made white sandy beach known as Pandanus Beach. 

A little further away, Wynnum or Manly villages have cafes, shops, supermarkets and whatever else you could possibly need. We’ve rounded up plenty of things to do in the area if you’re looking for more ideas.

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