11 highlights from Anywhere Theatre Festival

From a heritage substation to a suburban household, you could find yourself anywhere across Brisbane for the 7th annual Anywhere Theatre Festival. There is only one rule – all performances must happen anywhere outside of a normal theatre space, and trust us, these places can be way outside the norm. With over 500 performances in this year’s program, these are some of the quirkiest, must-see events.  

1. Giggle at the sass of the The Travelling Sisters

Returning home after a long tour abroad, Brisbane welcomes The Travelling Sisters back with open arms and a spot in this year’s festival. Promising to be hysterically funny with a side of sass, this physical and musical comedy oozes girl power and complete idiocy.  

Dates: 4-6, 18, 19 & 21 May 
Location: Five Sisters. South Brisbane 

Dates: 10 May
Location: Viva Italia, Ipswich (10 May)

2. Regan Lynch Does It in Public 

There are no closed doors or secrets in Regan Lynch’s act. He really does his comedic musical theatre show in public. Grab a drink and sit back to enjoy this hour of funk guitar, punk ukulele, risque burlesque and antiretroviral medication. Don’t be late ؘ– the start is not to be missed. 

Dates: 4-7, 10-14 & 17-21 May
Location: Betty’s Espresso & Bar, South Brisbane

3. Relive the joys of puberty, again

Never wanted to experience puberty for a second time? Well, think again as this inappropriate, hilarious and ever-so-awkward show will bring back those glory days. Follow three teenagers through their awkward sexual deviants and individual experiences which will encapsulate your mind and possibly bring back old memories in Puberty! The Uncut Edition

Dates: 4-6 May
Location: Woolloongabba Substation

4. Pretend to be Somewhere Else 

In a world where social media has become everything, one man has cycled through 20 countries from London to Brisbane with the pondering thought as to why we all feel the need to "stay connected". Aaron Austin-Glen reconnects his memories with the digital proofs of his journey and separates the fact from fiction in this tell-all tale. 

Dates: 5-6, 12-13 May
Location: 35 Suez St, Mitchelton

5. Key Insights to Nearby Galaxies

Two galaxies must race against time to discover a way to escape their oncoming doom after a star explodes. But is everything as it seems? In this reworked production, space, friendship and love are all explored through drama and live music. 

Dates: 5, 9, 11 & 13 May
Location: 45 Logan Rd, Woolloongabba

6. Rock the house with The Trespassers 

Blistering vocals will be backed by a red-hot rhythm section that will have you jumping in your seat if you manage to resist the dance floor. Don’t. Just give in to the funky folk, roots and country soul sounds of The Trespassers. 

Date: 6 May
Location: Australian Modern, Carina

7. Save the world, one bee at a time with Let It Be

Bee stings may be painful and the mass extinction of bee populations evident in this performance, but Bobi has a big heart and is on a mission to save them all. Can such caring people thrive in a world when there is so much to care for? 

Dates: 11-14, 18-21 May
Location: East Brisbane Bowls Club, East Brisbane

8. The Flood is no laughing matter…

Relive the drama of the 2011 Brisbane Floods in this philosophical drama-comedy where four 20-something year-olds must rethink their outlooks on life while the water rises around them. The flood is no laughing matter, but the show verges on the hilarious while answering the tough questions seldom brought into the spotlight. 

Dates: 11-14 May
Location: Queen Alexandra Home, Coorparoo

9. Join this cocktail of parody, pop culture, puzzle rooms and puns 

Enter a Game World on the brink of destruction by a mysterious force known as The Dull. The Farce Awakens is a theatre experience with multiple endings so explore and observe as this realm is unravelled or solve puzzles and challenge characters to decide the fate of this Game World. 

Dates: 12-13, 19-20 May
Location: Museum of Brisbane, Brisbane City Hall

10. Fusion, the family-friendly circus for all

You won’t be able to take your eyes away from this circus meets theatre, music, cabaret, food and comedy performance. Traditional and contemporary circus can be enjoyed by all, with kids under 5 watching free!

Dates: 12-14, 19-20 May
Location: Flipside Circus, Alderley

11. Colour your world with The Basement Collective 

In a warped society that does not allow individuality, a group of teenagers explore their identity through the arts in a secret organisation. As the pressures from the outside world close in around them, are they able to keep this organisation a secret?

Dates: 18-19 May
Location: Woolloongabba Substation

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