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10 things to see at the Anywhere Theatre Festival

From a heritage substation to a suburban household, you could find yourself anywhere across Brisbane for the Anywhere Theatre Festival. There is only one rule – all performances must happen anywhere outside of a normal theatre space, and trust us, these places can be way outside the norm. With over 96 shows in this year’s program, these are some of the quirkiest, must-see events. So get adventurous, get curious and discover Anywhere.  

1. Take a journey with Tales of an Urban Indian (City Bus)

Staged on a moving bus, this unique theatre experience will send you on a a captivating and intimate journey with character Simon Douglas. See the world through his eyes, learn about his family, friends and life back on the reserve in Canada.

Dates: 11,12 & 14 - 19 May
Location: Brunswick St at Sydney Street, Stop 15, New Farm , New Farm QLD 4005

2. Welcome to the Wild West with Mary and the Murderer 

Anywhere Theatre

Did he do it? You get to decide the fate of Colin, a musician accused of murdering a young woman. Listen to interviews and testimony as the story of Mary, Colin and the townsfolk unfolds before you. Is it a set up? or is he guilty of taking a life. 

Date: 15 - 17 & 22 - 24 May
Location: Duhig Gardens, The University of Queensland

3. As If No-one Is Watching

Immerse yourself in this human installation by Vulcana. Wander from space to space and observe the all-female cast as they reveal their story and inner thoughts through movement. Discover their hidden narratives through your smartphone and headphones by logging on to the performance website. Come and share a picnic before the show and enjoy expansive views of the river from this beautiful location at Newstead House. Picnics available online at The Cheese Pleaser from $15.00 and available at the venue for a pre-show snack.

Dates: 17 - 19 May
Location: Newstead House Newstead Park, Corner Breakfast Creek Road & Newstead Ave, Newstead Breakfast Creek Road, Brisbane City QLD 4006

4. Within a Fleeting Moment 

What is memory? When you can capture every moment with the flash of a shutter or a click of a smartphone button what does it mean to remember? Come and explore what awaits you in a world of memories.

Dates: 9, 10 & 11 May 
Location: The QA Hotel, 64 James Street, New Farm QLD 4005 

5. Whiplash

Whiplash is the newest experience from award-winning artist and poet Scott Wings. This spoken word meets physical theatre performance is a meditation on love, identity, feminism and masculinity with a dash of humour thrown in for good measure. 

Dates: 16 - 19 & 23 - 26 May
Location: 17 McLachlan Street, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006

6. Grab a life jacket for Titanic: The Movie, The Play

Don't miss this comic homage to the epic romance film of the '90s. This interactive performance will leave you with face ache from all the laughter and shenanigans. Join Rose and lowborn Jack as they discover love, loss and a lack of lifeboats onboard the 'unsinkable' ocean liner.   

Date: 11, 12, 18, 19 & 25, 26 May
Location: Queensland Maritime Museum 412 Stanley Street, South Brisbane , QLD 4101 

7. The Telefon

Ever wanted to build a TV station? Well now is your chance with this one night only interactive live streamed show. Watch as performers follow your instructions to create or destroy everything around them. As they chaos ensues, you can’t possibly complain that there’s nothing good on TV any more.

Dates: 17 May
Location: On your smartphone

8. Look Skyward

Experience a fusion of music and stunningly choreographed aerial circus and physical theatre with Skyward. Soaring live music will transport you to a place of mindfulness while providing the perfect contemplative soundtrack to hypnotic acrobatic feats.

Dates: 11 & 12 May
Location: Level 2, Stores Building, Brisbane Powerhouse, 119 Lamington Street , New Farm QLD 4005

9. Illegal Underground Improv Battle

This show is so underground you won't know the secret inner-city location until the performance day. Come and check out Brisbane's funniest improv comedians as they battle it out to see who ends up being at the top of the food chain with the most laughs and quick lines. Enjoy a drink and the hilarity sure to ensue in this late-night show, complete with a DJ.

Dates: 10, 17 & 24 May
Location: Location texted on the day

10. Visit the underworld at Niflhel

Make your way to a house party like no other. For one night only, you can make your way from room to room meeting drunkards, thieves, blasphemers, money-lovers, evolutionists, artists and more. This immersive theatre experience will have you questioning the person next to you who they are and if they are part of the show. All the best people go to hell, so see you there. 

Dates: 11 May 
Location: Location texted 24 hrs in advance

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