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Art and the River Public Art Trail

Walk or cycle Brisbane's Art and the River Public Art Trail, a 2.4km path starting at South Bank that meanders along the Brisbane River's edge on the Kangaroo Point boardwalk. Here you’ll discover everything from moving bio-ethical sculptures, to abstract pieces that reflect on our city’s Aboriginal heritage. Below is a checklist of public art to spot along the way.

1. Man & Matter and World Expo ‘88 

The Man and Matter Series and World Expo 88
Peter D Cole’s sculptural series was one of the works commissioned by Expo ’88. Located below the Kangaroo Point Cliffs, the giant human-shapes represent our relationship with technology. 

2. Biomechanical Pelicans

Public Art Trail Biomechanical Pelicans
Christopher Trotter’s stylised pelicans are perched upon a river pylon near the Captain Cook Bridge. The bronze birds are made from recycled materials and represent ideas of sustainability. 

3. Sunflower Mobile
Set against the backdrop of the Kangaroo Point Cliffs, Jonathon Coleman’s huge sunflower draws energy from its solar-powered petals. Watch as the 3m flower head spins on top of its stem.

4. Reflections at Midday
Jandy Pannel’s sundial, Reflections at Midday, is embellished with beautiful astrological symbols. The sundial shows the hour points from earliest time at sunrise to the latest time at sunset.

5. Fish Fossil

Public Art Trail Fish Fossil
Drawing inspiration from the surrounding cliffs and the Brisbane River, Christopher Trotter’s Fish Fossil evolved from an interest in what lay beneath the cliffs and the element of discovery.

6. Geerbaugh’s Midden
Ron Hurley’s Geerbaugh’s Midden has been described as a celebration of the cliffs by the Rainbow Serpent. Each of the six poles represents an Aboriginal clan and a star in the Southern Cross.

7. Flickering Wind Generator

Public Art Trail Flickering Wind Generator
Installed at the top of a shelter, Jonathon Coleman’s Wind Generator turns in the breeze, converting wind energy into electrical energy through a series of electromagnetic charges.

8. Crossover Guardians
Mona Ryder’s tall oar-shaped pieces resemble the cross bars of the Story Bridge and reference the history of the row boat which was the main form of transport in the early settlement of Brisbane.  

9. Venus Rising: Out of the water and into the light
Venus Rising by Wolfgang Buttress is a 23m steel sculpture which emulates the spiral form of a nautilus shell. Enter at the base and look up through the beautiful spiralling structure.

10. Seven Versions of the Sun
Daniel Boyd’s Seven Versions of the Sun is a series of seven arbours along the main promenade. Each shelter features laser-cut sun motifs to cast light and shadow over the landscape.

11. Untitled: Wormholes

Public Art Trail Wormholes
Alexander Knox’s Wormholes is a compilation of fun, boldly striped, worm-like fantasy creatures that feature a soundscape of people and events from years gone by.  

12. The Green Room and Afforest

Public Art Trail The Green Room
Nicole Voevodin-Cash’s The Green Room is a soft amphitheatre, a genre of art often referred to as "land or earth" art. The work features rolling hills and ornamental interwoven shrubs. 

For a map of the art trail, visit the Queensland Government website.

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