21 must-attend events during Brewsvegas Festival

Can you smell that? It’s the scent of hops, malt and good times ahead. Don’t let the beer get away this year. Brewsvegas is back, baby, with the best ales on offers.

Check out our list of highlights below. We’re sure you’ll find the beer you’ve been longing for. 

1. Beers on the Bus go down and down

Hop On Brewery Tours

Want to designate the driving to someone else for a change? Book yourself into a tour that will road trip around the city and nearby areas to events such as City 2 Surf, The Triple Tipple Tour, West is Best and Burleigh and Black hops and Balter. All promise an afternoon of flowing beer, delicious food and a crowded bus full of atmosphere. 

Location: Various
Date: 11, 12 & 14 March
Cost: $98-$140 

2. Stone & Wood Presents: A Night at the Old Museum

Oz Harvest, Stone & Wood Brewing & Brewsvegas are hosting a community fundraiser at the Old Museum with all profits going towards the food waste charity. A free garden party will be held during the afternoon with live entertainment, food trucks and pop up stalls all available for your enjoyment, while tickets can be purchased for a 9pm show by local band The Belligerents. Beers, music and food for a good cause – what more could you ask for?

Location: The Old Museum
Date: 11 March
Cost: Free 

3. Crawl through West End bars

Archive Beer Bar

Can’t decide which bar to attend for the evening? Join one of the beer festival’s bar crawls. Archive, Brisbane Brewing Co, Catchment and Bosc have come together to host a West End bar crawl that includes a meal at each venue. Enjoy an entrée, main, dessert and nightcap with matched beers. Brews & Bacon is hosting a more traditional crawl, walking through his favourite venues in West End and educating about different beer styles. Along with a beer at each venue, food and beer deals accompany this tour so you won’t be going hungry or thirsty. 

Location: Various
Date: 16 & 17 March
Cost: $120/$30

4. Tank to Table 

‘Fresh is best’ should not be an underrated term since it only speaks the truth. Newstead Brewing Co is bringing the freshest in both food and beer with its four-course meal sourced just hours before you get to enjoy. Yep, that’s right – its coming straight from the brewing tank. Beer in a bottle who?

Location: Newstead Brewing Co
Date: 14 March
Cost: $25

5. Art you excited for the beer?

Brisbane is home to plenty of artistic talent and this year’s Brewsvegas is hosting a number of events based around local artists and their work. Venues including Lucky Duck Café & Bar, Jugglers Art Space and Mr Henderson have organised for artists to create live paintings so guests can sit back and witness a masterpiece unfold before them. 

Location: Various
Date: 11 & 18 March
Cost: Free

6. South American Beer Party 

Fly to the South American coast and settle in on a cultural experience like no other, metaphorically of course since you will just be heading north to All Inn Brewing for its South American Street Party. Taste food from Brazil, Colombia and all of South America matched with the finest in craft beer and live entertainment. 

Location: All Inn Brewing
Date: 11 March
Cost: Free

7. Celebrate the #hospolife

Young Henry’s and Jameson feel bad for all the hard working bar staff so are opening up the doors of Sonny’s House of Blues to Brissy’s hospo bar scene. Drinks are on them, so head on down and help your fellow bar mates drink them dry. Not a hospo? You can still go along and join the fun with the first 150 people to walk through the door getting a special present from the best mates themselves. 

Location: Sonny’s House of Blues
Date: 13 March
Cost: Free

8. Don’t forget Man’s Best Friend

Atticus Finch

Always wanted to be able to sink beers with your best mate? You never want to leave your pupper behind, so bring him to the dog friendly events. The Paddington Tavern will have food and competitions for both you and your furry friend with proceeds going to the RSPCA, while Atticus Finch has a BeerDog bitter beef flavoured beer for him to enjoy while you enjoy yours. Sit back and relax at Collective Kitchen & Bar while the pup runs and mingles in the outdoor space or enjoy a hot dog and beer during the dog days at The Scratch.

Location: Various
Date: 11, 12 & 19 March
Cost: Free/$30

9. Salad + beer, you’re in the clear  

After so many years of beers and barbecues being the perfect pairing the vegetarians have come forward with their demands. Normally hiding away in Sydney’s Surry Hills, the guys from Yulli’s have travelled north for Brewsvegas to provide the crafty beverages and delicious vegetarian food for all. Also proving that you can definitely make friends with salad… and beer. 

Location: Bosc
Date: 18 March
Cost: Free

10. Beer: The Breakfast of Champions

Four courses and four beers should help to start your day with a bang. Brewhouse Brisbane is hosting an all things brewing breakfast. The menu includes spent grain-fed bacon and eggs, beer sausages, brewery bread, a stout breakfast cocktail and a Chilly Hillbilly Bloody Mary. 

Location: Brewhouse Brisbane
Date: 11 March
Cost: $40

11. Beer flavoured ice cream

They don’t call us the sunshine state for nothing. When summer continues to draw on into March, what more could you ask for than a cold beer and ice cream on an autumn afternoon? Good news. 4 Pines serving up a complimentary soft serve cone for every pint bought at Statler & Waldorf. 

Location: Statler & Waldorf
Date: All Week
Cost: Free

12. Holes ‘N’ Hops with Modus Operandi 

Spend the afternoon playing nine holes on the Brisbane course with Modus beers on tap and returning to the golf club’s bar for the awards and delicious. This event has travelled north from Sydney and was a sell-out there. Don’t wait too long to buy tickets!

Location: Black Bunny Kitchen & Victoria Park Golf Complex
Date: 15 & 17 March
Cost: $90/$110

13. Brewsvegas Beerlympics ‘17

Get your three best mates together to attack this inflatable obstacle course in order to score a record time and win multiple prizes. Beer and food is of course a given but leaving in clean clothes is not, so a towel and change of clothes is recommended. 

Location: Newstead Brewing Co
Date: 19 March
Cost: $100

14. Bring your competitive nature

Beer brings out the competitive side in many of us. Ploughman is introducing a BASEketball competition (based on the 1998 movie), while Archive Beer Boutique is hosting the annual dart competition with the winner receiving the Ulysses Cup title! If athletic ability isn’t your style, Netherworld is holding a Super Mario Bros 3 showdown with an original NES Powerglove on the line and includes all the Kaiju beer one player can drink. 

Location: Ploughman, Archive Beer Boutique and Netherworld
Date: 11 & 13 March
Cost: $10/Free

15. Battles of the Beers

What better way to drink beer than getting to taste and judge the home brewer’s creations? Embassy Craft Beer Bar is hosting the finale of Battle of the Home Brewers and needs your help with the judging and – of course – the drinking of these fine brews. Archive Beer Boutique simply asks the home brewers to showcase galaxy in their beer style, coinciding with the new release Guardians of the Galaxy. 

Location: Archive Beer Boutique
Date: 15 March
Cost: $20

16. Mate against mate at Pint of Origin

Different bars are giving tribute to the different Australian states and the incredible beers they produce. Visit Bloodhound Bar for the best of Queensland beer and The Mill for Tasmania’s greatest. Woolly Mammoth Alehouse, Hoo Ha Bar, Fitz + Potts, Brewski and Brewhouse Brisbane are the other bars giving homage to the different states talents. 

Location: Various
Date: All Week
Cost: Free

17. The Amazing Race – with beer

The Burrow cafe and bar in West End

To add a little excitement to a casual Saturday afternoon The Burrow is hosting a scavenger hunt for the biggest beer fans around. You will be set tasks and taken on a race around to West End’s favourite craft venues, so get a team together and don’t miss out on the fun as prizes and beer will be heavily involved, obviously.  

Location: The Burrow
Date: 11 March
Cost: Free

18. The Charming Squire

The Charming Squire

Hosting two events this year, The Charming Squire is open to the beer lovers of Brisbane but also welcomes the whiskey man to come and contest what drink goes better with barbecue eats. Homebrews will be on offer later in the week, with executive sous chef Nick Baker concocting his own brew specifically for this Brewsvegas event. A variety of specialty dishes will accompany this home brew so you will also get a taste of this master at work. 

Location: The Charming Squire
Date: 15/All Week
Cost: $49/Free

19. Let’s Get Re-cronk-ulous

Become a master mixer yourself with this event specifically designed for mixing beers to create the perfect blend. Eight taps have been chosen specifically for blending so all you need is your taste buds to create the tastiest combination. 

Location: The Mill
Date: 10 March
Cost: Free

20. Gypsypalooza


Combine beer with a wild and wacky gypsy theme and who knows where the night could go. Everything gypsy will be available over this weekend including fortune tellers, tarot readers, gypsy-based food and the best gypsy brewers Hoo Ha Bar has to offer. The fortune teller may reveal into your deep future or if you’re lucky, which beer you should have next.  

Location: Hoo Ha Bar
Date: 11 & 12 March
Cost: Free

21. Hands on brewing 

Ever wanted to brew your own beer but just weren’t sure how? Get hands on experience and learn how to brew from the head brewer at Ballistic Beer and the masters from Brewers Choice. You’ll take home 20L of the finest brew you could possibly make. This is no ordinary homebrew that Grandad use to make, but a modern and punchy version of Ballistic’s psycho recipe that promises quality. 

Location: Ballistic Beer Co
Date: 11 March
Cost: $75

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