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Driving Around Brisbane

Brisbane is a scenic city and is connected by a plethora of tunnels that can help you get to your destination quickly. You are permitted to drive in Queensland if you hold a valid Australian or foreign licence.

If your licence is in a language other than English, you should carry an English translation of it when driving. Don’t forget that Australians drive on the left side of the road.


The popularity of this city has meant an explosion of new tunnels and toll roads in the past few years. While driving around Brisbane remains relatively free and easy, those looking to fast-track their journey may choose to take a tunnel, bridge or toll road. Key arteries in the city include:


  • The Gateway Motorway –  (Tolls required at some points) 
  • The Logan Motorway 
  • Clem Jones (CLEM7 tunnel) 
  • GoBetween Bridge 
  • Legacy Way (under construction, opening 2015) 
  • Airport LinkM7 
  • There are numerous car hire and campervan companies ready to get visitors going on the open road. Explore Brisbane CBD and its surrounding suburbs, travel east to the Moreton Bay and Islands region or west towards to the Scenic Rim and Country Valleys. Click here for a full listing of car hire options.


Again due to its burgeoning popularity as a city, parking in Brisbane, like other thriving capitals, can be a sport within itself. If you do drive, there are a number of privately-owned car parks, as well as two Brisbane City Council operated car parks in the CBD. You’ll also find some street parking meters within the city.