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Free activities at Tangalooma Island Resort

Feel the sand between your toes and the warm sun on your skin as you set foot onto pristine Moreton Island. Prepare yourself for a day (or two!) jam-packed full of fun. The best part of all, you won’t get a financial shock at the end of your stay as there are over 40 free activities to brighten your day!

Browse through our list of things you can do where everyone will surely be kept entertained.  

Tennis - Tangalooma Island Resort


Tangalooma offers a range of free sporting activities perfect for both avid beach-goers and people wanting to stay in the resort. Have a round of sweat-inducing tennis or squash or opt for the lower-impact options of table tennis, boule or badminton. Those with a bigger group can organise beach volleyball, soccer or cricket to be played by the water or head to the nearby basketball courts for some slam dunk action. 

Volleyball - Tangalooma Island Resort

For the obsessed golfer, hit the driving nets to work on your swing or have a bit of fun on the mini holes – competition can be fierce with this one. And no matter what sport you're loving, a swim in the ocean or resort pools is the best way too cool off. 

Tangalooma Wrecks


Get back into nature and learn about the expansive wild life that cover the island. Embark on an eco walk to discover birds, flora and fauna, bush tucker, the Tangalooma Wrecks and Marine Beach. If you've got a bathing suit handy, snorkel the wrecks and see an amazing array of marine wildlife including wobbegongs, kingfish, yellowtail and tropical fish.

Want to learn more about the marine life? Educational presentations are held on dolphin behaviour, data collection and care, and in-depth demonstrations on other ocean dwellers such as dugongs, whales, turtles, dangerous creatures and sharks. After learning about the dolphins, don't forget to visit the pier at sunset to see a swarm of wild dolphins visit the shores for hand-feeding. You can join in on this experience at a small cost. 

Stumble on a bit of island history and learn what life was like on Moreton Island during the 1950s and early '60s on the Historical Whaling Station tour. 

Tangalooma Marine Education and Conservation Centre


You certainly won't be bored on Tangalooma with a variety of entertaining activities on offer. Get behind the scenes with a helicopter workshop and learn how the helicopter flies as well as meet the pilot. Be careful, you might be very tempted to book the scenic helicopter flight after this tour. 

The fun doesn't stop when the sun sets, instead the party keeps going at the Resort Centre with karaoke, trivia and bingo nights. If you're looking for something a little different, get involved in the Horse Racing Cup.  

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