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3 epic motorbike rides through the Scenic Rim

It’s the perfect time to get on your motorbike and explore the Scenic Rim. These three routes cover a range of skill levels and are also car friendly, if preferred. Clear your schedule, put on your best racing shoes and let’s go for a ride. 

Ride 1: Warm Up with Gallery Walk

Haven’t been out of the city for a while? Start with an easy route. Up Tamborine Mountain lies Gallery Walk - an arts & crafts, food and tourism hub. It is the perfect anchor for a refresher, with the road increasing in difficulty turn by turn. You're likely to get stuck behind a campervan or slow driver on this route at least once, so take it easy and wait for an overtaking lane.

Fortitude Brewing
Gallery Walk

Take the Pacific Motorway down to Exit 67 for Tamborine - Oxenford Rd. You have several roundabouts and basic urban riding before kicking into gear for single lane, 70km/h+ speeds. The roads have proper centre lines the whole way to Tamborine and you won’t have to worry about complex turns too soon. Ride on to Eagle Heights, where you can stop, relax, and enjoy the town’s excellent coffee. 

Eagle Heights is part of a larger area including Tamborine North and Tamborine Mountain. Consider the excellent views from St Bernard’s Pub and stop in at Gallery Walk for some great flavours and art.

St Bernard's Hotel
View from St Bernard's Pub

From here you can take a more difficult route home or retrace your steps if you’re not looking to push things further. Head for Tamborine Mountain Rd for a winding route north. You’ll sit patiently on 60km/h most of the way through. Consider visiting Tamborine Rainforest Skywalk or Thunderbird Park if you want to stop and stretch the legs. 

Rainforest Skywalk
Tamborine Rainforest Skywalk

Waggle your way down the mountain and head towards Tamborine township. Keep your eyes peeled for Piano Rock. Head north on Beaudesert Beenleigh Rd and enjoy some long and lovely bends. Stanmore Rd lets you avoid most of suburbia and leads you to the famous Yatala Pies for a quick bite before taking the M1 home.

Check out the route map here.

Ride 2: Brekky at Canungra, Coffee at O’Reilly’s

I was trying to decide which route should be Option 2 and which should be 3. It doesn’t matter, there’s a lot of heat in both. Carve your way back to Tamborine but this time keep heading south west on Beaudesert Beenleigh Rd. Take a left onto Mundoolun Connection Rd and pass through the small towns of Boyland, Wonglepong and Benobble before reaching Canungra. If you hit Biddaddaba, you’ve probably taken a wrong turn. Stop in at The Outpost Café and meet dozens of other riders using it as a halfway point. From here, head south towards Lamington National Park Rd.

Scenic Rim Road Scenery

This is a beautiful part of the country and I’d encourage anyone to go and see it. Always take care in rural areas. The roads are mostly well marked and clear, but watch for unfriendly road and traffic conditions. Debris can wash onto the mountain roads after rain, slow-moving agricultural vehicles can slow traffic and high-speed roads can have low-speed intersections. 

Check out the squiggly sections of road on this route before you head out. It is a complex section heading up the mountain so be prepared for very slow corners. Wind your way to the top and take a treetop walk to relax. Heading home downhill is easier than the climb but it still presents a challenge. Ease your way down the mountain and then enjoy the country cruise back home.

Check out the route map here.

Ride 3: South of the Border with Nerang - Murwillumbah Rd

Don’t start this ride at midday, you’re heading south of the border. Nerang Murwillumbah Rd is a fast and beautiful route with a variety of technical sections. 

Take any route south to Nerang. Pop on to Nerang - Murwillumbah Rd and wind your way out of town. Make your way to Advancetown and consider popping over to Hinze Dam. The ride picks up massively here with some incredible long corners bordering Advancetown Lake. It’s beautiful and well worth the trip down. Swoosh your way through the corners and enjoy the scenery.

The road straightens after the lake on the way to Numinbah Valley. Continue south and consider stopping for Natural Bridge. Further down to the border you’ll find an excellent lookout. Keep heading south on the same road, now named Numinbah Rd. It slows down and gets a bit twisty before Numinbah itself so take it easy and watch your corners. 

Natural Bridge – Picture: Tourism & Events Queensland

Keep going past Chillingham and Crystal Creek until you reach North Arm Rd. These roads are picturesque rural but do have some surprisingly tight corners that aren’t signposted as clearly as you might appreciate. Follow it past Bray Park and stop off in Murwillumbah for a well-earned lamington. You’re a few hours in by now so consider taking the simple route home up the highway. 

Check out the route map here.

That’s it. Three enormous rides for your consideration. If you’re a novice, take an experienced friend. If you’re hiring a bike for a holiday, check with the locals about recent road quality and conditions. If you’ve been riding for years and know these roads and routes already, remember the basics. Take it easy and have fun. Remember, the most important thing is that we all make it home at the end of the day.

By Niall Charles

Niall spends his days behind the concierge desk at the Brisbane Marriott Hotel. In his spare time the busy dad of two little girls hits the road on two wheels, uncovering the best motorbike trails surrounding Brisbane.

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