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Roadside stalls in the Lockyer Valley

Roadside stalls let you purchase what’s in season direct from the farmer. Throughout the Lockyer Valley there are five official produce stalls you can track down.

Roadside stall in the Lockyer Valley

Forest Hill Farm Stall | 8am - 5pm Wednesday - Sunday

12 Forest Hill-Fernvale Rd, Forest Hill
This attended stall is open all day from Wednesday to Sunday, just north of the Forest Hill township.

Esk Rd Vege Stall | Wednesday - Friday

1km north of Warrego Highway on Gatton-Esk Rd.
From the Warrego Highway, take the Gatton exit and follow signs to Esk to reach this attended stall. It is open seven days (weather permitting) with a wide range of produce.

Spring Hill Orchards | Weekends

1331 Gatton-Esk Rd, Spring Creek
This stall is only open weekends when fruit is in season. You’ll find avocados from June to October, mangoes from late January to mid March, custard apples from April to July and Tahitian limes from January to October.

Flagston Fresh | Monday - Sunday

946 Glagstone Creek, Flagstone Creek
Open 7 days a week and sells a range of fresh, seasonal fruit and vegetables from the local area.

Ghost Gully Produce | Monday - Sunday

2 Rangeview Drive, Gatton
Pick up some pesticide free, sustainable and organically grown lettuce and herbs from Ghost Gully Produce. The way these greens are grown makes them flavour explosions, perfect for making salads and for cooking.

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