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Where to get the best BBQ in Brisbane

If you are a carnivore connoisseur, finding where to chow down on good old fashion American-style BBQ in Brisbane is no easy feat. We have gone full Action Bronson and sampled the local pitmasters meat-laden trays and succulently grilled wares to create a BBQ guide that is ‘fire’. In no time at all, we will have you dreaming of delicious smoked meat and sticky fingers. In the immortal words of Anthony Bourdain, BBQ may not be the road to world peace, but it’s a start. 

Here is your roadmap to the best BBQ Brisbane has to offer. 

Big Roddy’s Rippin Rib Shack | South Brisbane

Look, if you drooled when you walked into the place, the staff would forgive you as the wafts of slow-cooked meats and other American fare hit you in the sniffer. Best friends Rod and David’s secret ribs recipe has taken them from market stall to bonafide BBQ joint with the Southern flavour still intact. Although the ribs are our number one pick, we don’t blame you for also feasting on pulled meat ‘ribwiches’, wings, chilli fries and burgers. Pair your choices with a craft beer for a hoot, scooting damn fine time.

Korilla BBQ Restaurant | Queen Street Mall 

This funky inner-city eatery is a top pick for the Korean BBQ connoisseur. Offering all the classics including six flavours of pork belly, oyster blades, marinated beef ribs and an entire a la carte menu - they're sure to have whatever meaty morsels you're in the mood for on their extensive menu. From there beautifully marbled wagyu to their spicy chicken thighs, really there are no bad choices when it comes to their meats. It's the perfect place for a BBQ first-timer and the friendly staff are more than happy to take you through the steps. 

Carolina Kitchen | Carindale Shopping Centre

This little slice of paradise serves Carolina soul food BBQ with sides of cornbread, fries and coleslaw. Aunt Lilly Mae's BBQ Ribs are something to behold, authentically smoked, juicy with a great char and thick glaze, you will want to go caveperson and eat these with your mitts. If you are more of a wings wrangler, you will be quite content with the crispy buffalo wings and an abundance of dipping sauces to choose from. With rotating specials, frequent visits are required to taste all the BBQ goodness. We know you came here for the meat, but save room for dessert pie - pecan, key lime and cherry.

The Smoke BBQ | New Farm

Using an imported US Kentucky-made smoker with hand-cut hickory wood, the meat at The Smoke exhibits all the signs of a celebrated pitmaster. Producing tender, juicy meat with pink smoke rings, you can't go wrong with a selection of BBQ goods especially, the ribs and buffalo wings. The bright orange hot wings are a particular favourite with blue cheese sauce to cool things down when you get your lip burn on. This one has been around since 2006, and its longevity speaks for itself.  

Smoky Mountain Hideaway | South Brisbane

The BBQ here is amazingly authentic and lends itself to a Western Carolina style. This means it has simple, spicy and vinegary flavours that will leave you wanting more. Overeating is a real thing, and you won't care as you consume your body weight in mouth-watering BBQ delights and sides. Here you will find BBQ wings, watermelon caprice skewers and jalapeno poppers that the public will fight over, so get in early. The menu changes depending on the day or sitting, so make sure you check the website. We recommend visiting Saturday lunchtime with Rubens and a drool-worthy Brisket Hoagie on offer. At Smoky Mountain Hideaway flavour is king, the menu is simple, and the sides are a masterpiece in their own right. Make sure you visit them on a Saturday morning or lunch from 8am to 2pm and Sunday at 4pm – 9pm, you won't regret it.

Hudson Corner | Albion

Like it low and slow? Hudson Corner BBQ cooks their meat over charcoal and smoking timbers for a minimum of 12 hours, creating a tender and tasty fare. With an extensive selection of snacks and sides to soak up the saucy goodness, you will not go hungry. Try their cornbread, fried jalapeno poppers, dirty fries or traditional onion rings with something from the smoker. Prefer wings? The Hurricane Wings are a taste explosion with a spicy, soy, chilli, vinegar base perfect with a beer or go traditional with the buffalo wings.  

Twelve Boar | Cleveland

The smell from Twelve Boar is intoxicating. The air is thick with smoke and the sweet waft of caramelising sugars that have been cooking for 12 hours – breathe it in. Here you can delight in smoked pork, beef brisket and ribs. No boiling of the ribs here, low and slow for maximum flavour. Offering a more significant feed is the Bone Yard Platter with a half rack of pork ribs, one beef rib, ½kg wings, 2 fries, 2 ‘slaws, and a choice of ranch or blue cheese dipping sauce. You’ll need a lot of napkins to treat the sauce smile you will have at the end of the meal. 

Know of a Texas Trinity we missed? Is a pitmaster worthy of the list? Let us know if we missed anyone [email protected] 

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