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Where to get the best croissants in Brisbane

Brisbane has many good bakeries, but finding the perfect croissant takes a bit of work. We are happy to self-sacrifice and nibble our way through the list to determine the best flakey, golden, and buttery layers of melt-in-your-mouth pastry.

The perfect croissant is defined by, shape (curvaceous), colour (vibrant brown colour crust, pale gold ridges), aroma (rich, sweet butter and toasty nuts), weight (feather light), sound (satisfying crunch) and taste (buttery, toasty caramel). Layering dough with butter, what’s not to love? So get tasting and find the perfect French treat to accompany your coffee.

Christian Jacques Artisan Boulanger | Kangaroo Point

Croissant connoisseurs look no further as this is where the epic pastry lives. Every single baked creation will have you wanting more. These croissants are slow-fermented over two days using premium French butter and traditional French baking techniques. Try all the mouth-watering flavours from apple cinnamon, raspberry crumble, custard filled, crispy bacon to the classic almond or pan au chocolate. Pinch yourself; you’re not dreaming.

Chouquette | New Farm

This bakery and patisserie are French in style and heritage, offering an array of pastries, cakes, artisan bread, sweet bread and savoury items. Besides the fantastic baked goods, expect to find 
traditional croissants, croissant aux amandes with almond filling, pain au chocolat and mini viennoiserie. The mini viennoiserie is a selection of baby croissants, pain au chocolat, pain aux raisins, mini croissants aux amandes. It’s the perfect option when you can’t decide or if you’re sharing with your friends. Bon appétit

Banneton Bakery | Woolloongabba, Ashgrove & Camp Hill

Here you will find natural ingredients prepared using time-honoured traditional methods to build flavour and texture without damaging the dough. Banneton Bakery, you have our attention. All of their products are baked fresh every day with high-quality ingredients.The regular croissant is simple and elegant, the pain au chocolate offers double chocolate, and the almond or chocolate croissant is delectable and filled with almond cream.

Le Bon Choix | The City

Creators of exquisite pastry, cake and bread creations is owner Savico Basset-Rouge and his team at Le Bon Choix. Much like the name, it is ‘the best choice’’ when it comes to divine pastry creations. Le Bon Choix offers croissants in both mini and regular size. Our choice is the almond croissant, and it goes perfectly with a coffee - dip it, you know you want to.

Crust & Company Artisan Bakery | Wilston

Follow your nose to the wall of baked goods known as Crust & Company Artisan Bakery. Here you will find fresh and authentic croissants in a variety of flavours including classic, chocolate, hazelnut chocolate and almond. Let's be real here, you aren't going to leave with one pastry, so you might as well try them all.

Flour and Chocolate | Morningside

The French classics on offer here are not only tasty but award-winning. Try the traditional beurre croissant, winner of the SBS Feast Food Award. It is light and flakey in texture with a satisfying crispy shell, all the while tasting like pillowy butter clouds. We highly recommend the almond and chocolate croissant filled with almond cream and studded with dark chocolate chips. If you prefer something more savoury the ham and cheese croissant, made with local smoked ham and cheddar, is a win. A simple but genius creation.

La Bouche | Cleveland

Texture, flavour and indulgence, La Bouche you had us at hello.  Setting their croissants apart is the use of French butter and quality ingredients. No bells and whistles here, with three types available (plain, almond and pan au chocolate) their tastiness relies solely on the skill of the bakers and freshness of the ingredients. These are a must try and definitely worth the trip.

The Whisk | Upper Mount Gravatt

This little suburban gem provides a buttery and flaky public service to the people of Brisbane. When the aroma of baking croissants entices you inside you will not be surprised to see that they have won awards for their pastries. Get in on the croissant action with either the peanut, chocolate almond or cinnamon variety.  

Jacques Patisserie Boulangerie | Gumdale

This cute French bakery looks like something straight from a Wes Anderson film with symmetrically lined shelves full of baguettes, pastries and cake boxes.  Come and enjoy a coffee out of a chocolate rimmed ice-cream cone and indulge in a raspberry or almond croissant.

Brewbakers | Albion

This authentic bakery offers an overwhelming assortment of baked goods using organic flour, free range eggs and real butter. The bakers here like to experiment, so you can often find the unexpected Frankenstein or fusion baked goods like their sourdough doughnuts. This experimentation might be responsible for their light and fluffy croissants. Our pick is the salami and cheese toasted croissant - crispy goodness.

Did we miss any? Let us know if you have a suggestion  to add to the list at [email protected]