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Where to get your hands on Brisbane's best chicken wings

5 Boroughs Wings

5 Boroughs' ginger pepper caramel wings. Get involved.

Top Gun, that guy from the Captain America movie, Paul McCartney’s other band from the ’80s (look it up kids) – wings have been darn good to us over the years and, of late, those of the chicken variety have ascended to the top of the pile as a face-meltingly delish food item.

Whether flavour puts you in a flap or you’re just hell bent on incinerating your tastebuds, Brisbane has what you need to get your wings fix.

King of the Wings, food truck

King of the Wings Chicken

If the good King’s food truck isn’t on your radar, track it down immediately. Our favourite is the Bee Sting, a sticky honey-sesame and sweet chilli amalgamation of awesome. But if you’re a heat seeker, go for Chillogy – three different types of chillies, huge flavours, no rules. On a side note, his royal wingness was also selected to represent Australia at the 2016 Buffalo Wing Festival in New York City. As we said, these wings are gooood. 

Buffalo Bar, Mary St, CBD

Buffalo Bar Wings

Wing-lovin’ varmints head to the Buffalo Bar on the regular for a crack at the long list of wings and huge selection of beers. The brews come in handy, too, as the bar’s Hell Bound Bad Boy wings have a decent burn to them. Chipotle and garlic is our favourite, but the bacon, cheese and chive, and PB&J options are high on the hit list.

Yard Bird, Fortitude Valley and Paddington

For those keen to have nuclear fission bloom within their mouths, Yard Bird’s Death Sentence Wings are the answer. There’s a T-shirt available for the mad individuals who finish them, and there are ample beer taps to dowse the mouths of the maniacs who give them a go. For us mere mortals, we recommend the southern fried or garlic and parmesan versions.

WingBlaster, Junction Rd, Clayfield

There are some serious local fans of this place, which should be enough to tell you it’s a wing lover’s paradise. The name is awesome and the range, phwoar. How’s Winghis Khan BBQ sound? There’s also honey siracha (it’s a good burn), orange and ginger, sticky Vietnamese, and traditional buffalo (hot and extra hot).

The Smoke BBQ, Merthyr Rd, New Farm


These guys got out ahead of the pack and have been doing wholesome American comfort food damn well since 2006. The wings on offer are the Hurricanes (a slow-burning sesame chilli creation) and crispy buffalo. There’s also a decent range of American wines – try the Argyle Willamette Valley Pinot Noir from Oregon. Or, you know, smash down a cold Budweiser.

Carolina Kitchen, Macaulay St, Coorparoo

After you wade your way through Aunt Lilly Mae’s BBQ ribs, Carolina hot dogs and the full-to-the-brim hoagies, buried way down at the back of the menu are Carolina Kitchen’s original buffalo wings – and they are GOLD. The good news is they also have a food truck, so you can track them down on a highway and attempt to pull them over. It’s worth it.

Red Hook, Gresham Lane, CBD

We like Red Hook’s buffalo wings. We especially like their wings and blue cheese sauce on Wednesday nights when they are $13 for 1kg. We like the chilled laneway vibe, and we like the impossibly moreish deep-fried pickles and smoked mayo. We like, and you will like too.

5 Boroughs, Stones Corner and Ascot

5 Boroughs Wings Karaage

We know there’s a stoush between those living north or south of the Brisbane River. 5 Boroughs, in their infinite wisdom, care not for your division and have set up shop on both sides. Anyway, chicken karaage wings with kewpie mayo know no boundaries. Also, ginger pepper caramel. We’ll just leave that prospect there for you to think about …

Miss Kay’s, George St, CBD

She’s known for her burgers, but Miss Kay’s Krispy Fried Wings are well worth the trip. You get six for seven bucks but let’s face it, you’re getting a burger as well.

Shady Palms, Greenslopes

Shady Palms Chicken Wings

Shady Palms’ Jamaican spiced chicken wings come with either Korean hot sauce or rum and BBQ sour cream, and we reckon that is a pretty killer combo. They also have tinnies of Young Henrys Hop Ale and, if you head there on a Wednesday, you can get five wings and a tin for a tenner.

Tippler’s Tap, South Bank

Among the array of rare and craft brews at Tippler’s, pub grub perfection awaits – dry spice-rubbed chicken wings with blue cheese sauce. The basket size is generous and comes in at $12, and there’s plenty of liquid persuasion to ensure you order a few between your mates.

Hudson Corner, Albion

Look, if you drooled when you walked into the place the staff would forgive you as the wafts of slow-cooked meats and other American fare hit you in the sniffer. But we’re here for wings, and the offerings are honest and wholesome. The Hudson Wings are good, the Buffalos better, but the Extra Hot Buffalos – made with Frank’s RedHot, for those savvy on their sauces – pack a cayenne punch and are downright tasty.

Winner Winner Hot Chicken, Paddington

Winner Winner

Winner Winner serves up some finger lickin' good chicken, with everything from chicken tenders, wings, burgers, drumsticks, or even the whole bird. Cooked the authentic Nashville way, it's just a stone's throw away from Suncorp Stadium – so you better flock to it!

Hello Please, South Brisbane

Tucked away in the corner of Fish Lane, Hello Please serves up Vietnamese classics, but with their own delicious twist. The crispy chicken ribs are covered in this special salty rub (we're not sure what it is, but it's damn good!), with a sticky, green chilli soy sauce on the side. 

Seoul Bistro, Sunnybank

Seoul Bistro

Known for its crispy fried chicken and wok-fried noodle dishes, be sure to try the famous Korean Fried Chicken, the restaurant's signature dish. You can taste all seven flavours in the all-you-can-eat buffet. 

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