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Brisbane's Avo on Toast Index: where to get the best

The age old debate of house vs avo breakfasts rages on. Just because Sydney's somehow justified an avocado-only cafe doesn't mean they get to corner the market on such difficult financial choices. To help we’ve come up with the official Brisbane Avo on Toast Index, an average cost of a selection of the city’s 22 best places to consume that glorious green smoosh lathered on your choice of buttery carbs. 

From our research, we found the average punter in Brisbane pays $13.80 for the avo on toast, which means you should be able to put that extra $8.20 towards that all-important house deposit, or anything you want really – we’re a website, not your parents.

Here’s where you can get them.

Naim, Paddington | $18

Naim Paddington

This is an avo toast with a Middle Eastern twist. Smashed avo and Persian feta tops two slices of toasted sourdough with dukkah spice, two poached eggs and pomegranate seeds. The serving is large, and you can get a half serve for $12.

King Arthur Café, New Farm | $14.50

Is it legal to open a cafe and not serve this dish? Do-things-different cafe King Arthur serves it on rye with black garlic and goat curd, sprouts, sumac and sorrel.

Plum Tucker, Red Hill| $16

You’ve got a choice of two here – avo on toasted sourdough with pumpkin and haloumi or salmon and a tomato, corn and coriander salsa and lime. If you’re feeling real game, try the sweet avocado breakfast board with chocolate and chilli avo on toast with strawberries, chocolate nut clusters and a chia pudding.

Reverends, Fortitude Valley | $14

Purveyor of fine coffee Reverends does a damn tasty short menu of eats, including the classic avo. Reverends version is smashed on rye with snow pea tendrils, peas, chevre and lemon-roasted almonds.

Pablo, New Farm | $16

A classic place for avo toast for a reason, Pablo dishes it up on crusty sourdough with an out-of-this-world coriander and tomato salsa, grilled haloumi, tahini sumac labne, pepita za’atar, pomegranate and fresh herbs. 

Dovetail on Overend, Norman Park | $9.90

A single slice of sourdough toast is topped with avo, local Witches Chase goat’s cheese and dukkah. Simple, effective, cheap – and best paired with coffee and followed by a salted caramel brownie. Oh and gluten-free bread doesn’t cost extra.

Jam Pantry, Greenslopes | $10 basic, $15 fancy

Keeping it easy and breezy, southside cafe Jam Pantry serves avo on sourdough (surprise!) with lemon, pepper and flaked salt, or go one better and enjoy with pickled and fresh strawberries, goat’s chevre and pistachio crumb.

The Priory, Woolloongabba | $15

When is avo on toast more than just avo on toast? When it comes with grilled haloumi, minted labne, pomegranate, heirloom tomatoes, finger lime, toasted pistachios and fresh herbs – like at The Priory.

Jamie’s Espresso, New Farm | $5 one, $9 two

At Jamie’s it is all DIY avo on toast. Perhaps it’s a cultural comment on how silly it sometimes seems to pay upwards of $12 for a dish you can make at home with two ingredients. Nonetheless, it’s cheap and you get to make it your way.

The Gunshop Café, West End | $15.50

Getting quite specific, The Gunshop uses North Queensland avo and serves it on sourdough with blistered cherry tomatoes, rocket, Barambah organic quark, flaked salt and lemon.

Billykart, Annerley and West End | $16.50

A dense slice of gluten-free sprouted seed bread is grilled and topped with avo, tomato salsa and haloumi.

Sourced Grocer, Newstead | $11

Sourced Grocer goes one better by making the sourdough in-house. Large chunks of avo are stacked on top with house-smoked labne, olive oil and citrus.

Little Loco, New Farm | $16

Avocado is joined by tomato, feta, basil and radish on sourdough at this Merthyr Rd cafe in New Farm. Be sure to don your best activewear.

Marchetti | $14

Italian CBD cafe Marchetti mixes it up by using ciabatta instead of sourdough, topped simply with avo, olive oil and lemon. Best of all, you get two pieces.

Willow & Spoon | $10

Willow and Spoon

Voted one of Brisbane's best breakfasts, a cheeky tenner will score you a two slices of sourdough with avocado on the side. 

Artie & Mai, Albion | $14

Two thick-cut slices of toast are topped with a thick smear of avo-feta and dusted with dukkah. The Albion cafe includes two poached eggs in the price.

Anouk, Paddington | $16

This avo is also smashed, it arrives atop toasted sourdough with housemade labne, salad (#health) and a pistachio peanut dukkah.

My Mistress, Clayfield | $14

My Mistress calls it the "Rendezvous" and if one thing is for sure, Brisbane is having just that with avo. Here it is smashed on sourdough with feta, olive oil, basil and lemon.

Bowen Arrow, Bowen Hills | $7 single, $12 double

Bowen Arrow Cafe

It’s all about choice at Bowen Arrow cafe. Get your smashed avo on sourdough topped with Persian feta, toasted almonds and fresh thyme orrrrrr go vegan with cashew cream, coriander and cayenne pepper.

Petrichor & Co, Ascot | $14.50

Now this one is pretty deluxe for the price. Smashed avo on sourdough with a pea mash, basil, chimichurri, Persian feta and dukkah – it’s sure to be a flavour sensation.

Morning After, West End | $14

A few twists and turns make this breakfast staple a little more interesting. Peas, feta, pistachio and lemon give the avo smash a little boost.

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