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Brisbane's spiciest dishes

If you relish the mouth-blazing feeling of eating a chilli-filled dish, hardcore heat seekers you’re in luck – we’ve done the research to give you our list of the spiciest dishes in Brisbane that will get you hot under the collar and reaching for tissues. One question: can you handle the heat?

The World’s Hottest Burger, Off the Wall Diner Wellington Point

Feeling especially brave? Step up to the challenge and try this lip-burning, tongue-scalding, stomach-scorching burger smothered in Mega Death Sauce. Then to nullify the burn, purchase the "World's Hottest Burger Recovery Kit" – 600mL of ice-cold milk and a small tub of yoghurt. Game on?

Fire Tonkatsu, Taro’s Ramen Brisbane City & Ascot

Image credit: @benjaminroach
Image credit: @benjaminroach

It’s getting hot in here when the Fire Tonkatsu made with four types of chilli is involved. Opt for "high heat" if you’re keen to be a fire-breather. We recommend you BYO tissues.

Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Alfredo's Pizzeria Fortitude Valley

You think you can handle spice? Try the Red Hot Chilli Peppers pizza from Alfredo's and get back to us. Inferno salami, chilli, peppers and torn mozzarella will have you reaching for your water glass but not before you reach for another piece. 

Twice-cooked red curry of duck, Rogue Spice Canteen Fortitude Valley

Rogue Spice Canteen Image Credit @f.a.t.susie
Image credit: @f.a.t.susie

If you’re hungry for heat, order the duck curry at Rogue Spice Canteen. Arguably the mildest on this list but is addictively spicy and will definitely keep you coming back for more. Uh huh honey. 

Death Sentence Wings, Yard Bird Ale House Fortitude Valley & Paddington

“WARNING! Hotter than hot! Seriously, these wings are HOT!” reads the Yard Bird Ale House menu describing the bright-red saucy wings blanketed in fresh chilli flesh and seeds. Can’t say you weren't warned dare devils.

Aussie Cry Beef Salad, My Thai Auchenflower

If the name isn't enough to scare you, My Thai has four levels of spicy – mild, medium, hot and Welcome to Thailand classified by a whopping six chillies. You guessed it, this warm beef salad with fresh bird’s eye chilli is so nek level it requires its own spice category.

Mapo Tofu, Happy Boy Spring Hill

Image credit: @brakingforbreakfast
Image credit: @brakingforbreakfast

Whew, Happy Boy sure doesn't whim out on the chilli. The Mapo Tofu dish with silken tofu and ground pork and in a thick sweat-inducing spicy Szechuan chilli sauce is no exception.

Spicy Pork Rib Stew, Maru Brisbane City

The fire-engine red Spicy Pork Rib stew with chilli oil and fresh chillis in the broth is the only dish to be classified as four out of four chillies on the fiery Maru menu. Get prepped to feel the burn.

Diavola Pizza, Pizzeria Violetta Kenmore, Paddington & Wilston

Fire up your taste buds with the addition of chilli oil to the Diavola pizza at Pizzeria Violetta. Hot 'Inferno' salame already covers the top of the pizza so add chilli if you dare to test your tolerance of spice. We're putting emphasis on the 'hot' for this one. 

Vindaloo, It’s Mirchi Paddington & Bulimba

It's Mirchi Healthy Indian

If you like your curry with an extra kick, the Vindaloo from It's Mirchi delivers the goods. You can order this west coast of India delicacy with beef, chicken, lamb or free-range chicken and organic lamb. Painfully delish.

Classic Sichuan beef or fish hot pot, Sichuan Bang Bang Kenmore, Paddington & Wilston

Challenge your taste buds to the sinister hot pots of South West China. They originally pack a punch but if you like heat the way the Sichuanese do then you can ask for your dishes 'crazy hot!'

Hell Bound Bad Boys, Buffalo Bar Brisbane City

Buffalo Bar Wings

Determined to incinerate your taste buds? Buffalo Bar's spicy wings with blue cheese sauce promise to take you down the highway to hell.

Jhinge Machha ra Aduwa, Tibetan Kitchen Toowong & Spring Hill 

Originally not the spiciest dish on this list, but ask for it extra hot and it could be competing with some of the best. The fresh green prawns in a lime, ginger and coconut milk curry give this dish a fresh base before the heat is added.  

Where’s your favourite place for a spice fix? Let us know below.


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