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Devour all the best dumplings in Brisbane

Do you get excited at the thought of slurping down bite-sized pillows of heaven? Then you’ve come to the right place, because trust us, we know our dumplings. We couldn’t choose just one, so instead we’ve rounded up our favourites. Check our list below for all the best dumplings in Brisbane. 

Little Red Dumpling, various locations

Serving some of the most authentic dumplings in town, a one-time visit is guaranteed to turn into a fortnightly routine. Pan-fried pork is the specialty but don’t stop at just one, indulge and order the chicken and prawn, pork chive or wontons in red chilli sauce for the ultimate dumpling feast.

New Shanghai, Brisbane City

New Shanghai Dumplings

Its location is unsuspecting – a restaurant tucked in a basement next to a food court and Coles supermarket. But once inside, the unique décor, chatter of patrons and delectable smells from the kitchen will transport you to another place. Warm your belly with sensational dumplings filled with your favourite filling and a hot, flavoursome broth. New Shanghai in Queensplaza usually boasts a long queue of people waiting to enjoy these parcels of joy, but the line moves quickly and the food comes fast. If you really can’t wait, there is also a New Shanghai Express takeaway eatery in The Myer Centre Food Court. 

Golden Dumpling, Sunnybank 

If it’s good enough for the locals, it’s certainly good enough for us. Golden Dumpling serves no-frills, delicious and authentic dumplings. These parcels of goodness cannot be matched, simply choose your filling and the way you want them served, they’ll even put them in a hot and sour soup. We suggest the pork, leek & prawn pan-fried dumpling and the beef sour soup dumpling. 

Little Valley, Fortitude Valley 

A Cantonese-inspired restaurant from the Rick Shores gang has fired up the pans to bring you a decadent range of dim sum including lobster & chive har gow, truffle & prawn har gow and the drool-worthy chilli crab & pork xiao long bao. Get sum in your tummy. 

Fat Dumpling, Bowen Hills & Fortitude Valley

Fat Dumpling

As expected, Fat Dumpling specialises in hot, broth-filled dumplings either poached, pan-fried or steamed to your preference. The pork xiao long bao are a crowd favourite but we also recommend the fish dumplings for something a little different.  

Steamed, Brisbane City

Located on Turbot St, the dumplings at Steamed are patiently stuffed and pleated in the kitchen out back. They come in three types; Harbin - pork and chive; Donggu - chicken with various spices that "lack English names"; Zen - a balanced portion of shitake mushroom, seasoned tofu and Chinese cabbage. Visit on Tuesday or Thursday when all dumplings are $1.  

Madame Wu, Brisbane City

Madame Wu

Once you sink your teeth into the lobster-stuffed dumplings, we guarantee this Asian-fusion restaurant will be one you will never forget. Madame Wu is definitely one to write home about with its tantalising menu and incredibly stellar view on the outdoor terrace. 

Wow Dumpling, West End

Having first got its excellent reputation serving dumplings out of a small kitchen at Wandering Cooks, Wow Dumpling opened their own kitchen in West End due to popular demand. Enjoy all your favourites and the ever-changing specials including barramundi dumplings, Malaysia Nyonya curry chicken dumplings and vegan dumplings served in a curry sauce. These guys aren’t afraid to experiment with flavours.

King Tea, Paddington

Who knew you could find modern Chinese and juicy dumplings within the walls of a 100-year old tea-house and tram depot snack bar? Chow down on pork soup dumplings, pot stickers or vegetarian wontons any day of the week or wait until Sunday and book into all-you-can-eat dim sum for only $20 – now that’s value!

Donna Chang, Brisbane City

The restaurant group behind Blackbird Bar & Grill has opened a super smart Chinese restaurant focused on Sichuan flavours and authentic Cantonese cuisine. Head here at lunch time for an excellent selection of dim sum including prawn har gow, chicken & caviar siu mai, prawn & scallop wontons and even the famed crab & prawn crystal dumpling. 

Harajuku Gyoza, various locations

Harajuku Gyoza

Along with original flavours like pork & prawn and vegetable, Harajuku Gyoza also think outside the box (or steamer) and serve flavours including mozzarella cheese, duck, open gyoza with slow cooked pork belly and even their famous cheeseburger gyoza. Leave room for dessert because the Nutella or salted caramel gyoza are must-haves.  

Bamboo Basket, South Bank & Portside

Dumplings always taste best when you are having  yum cha. This form of dining doesn’t stop ‘til the food coma sets in, and with trolleys bringing piles upon piles of soup dumplings, steamed dumplings, fried dumplings and wontons straight to your table, it’s no wonder.

These are all of our favourites but if you have any other suggestions we’d love to hear them! Please email [email protected] with all your delicious dumpling options. 

By Camilla Coaldrake

Brisbane born and bred, Camilla is a passionate westsider who spends her days finding dogs to pat and dishes up hot Brisbane tips via social media. By night find her running around a field, slurping dumplings or ranking Brisbane’s best cocktail bars. Her favourite cheese is triple cream truffle brie, FYI.

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