Weekly food deals and specials in Brisbane

If your bank account's crying and struggling to make it to payday, then check out our list of food deals and specials happening around Brisbane every day of the week – cheap eats can be found in these top foodie venues. 

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All week

Monday food deals

Brewski – 2-4-1 meals

Grab your mate, partner, sister, cousin or even your second cousin’s partner’s sister to take advantage of Brewski’s 2 for 1 Monday meals – unless you’re a hungry fellow and 2 for 1 literally means two meals for one person. 

Salt Meats Cheese – All-you-can-eat

All-you-can-eat pizza is only $20 on Mondays at Salt Meats Cheese in Gasworks. Yes, you heard us correctly, you can gorge authentic Italian pizzas until you’ve had enough or you’re simply going to burst. 

The Fox – 1kg wings

Wing it Mondays means 1kg of wings for only $10 – get in quick though, you only have from 6-9pm to snatch up this great offer.

Peasant – Paella for two

Head along to Peasant for delicious paella that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. All you’ll need is a partner, a hungry stomach and $30 to indulge in this seafood delight for two.

Lucky Egg – 50c wings


Who knew a silver coin could buy you anything any more, but surely enough 50c can buy you a wing at Lucky Egg. We suggest you bring along a few dollars because no one can stop at just one. 

Cheap Tuesday specials 

Heya Bar – Half price food

Payday Wednesday is only a few hours away but for now we’re calling for everything cheap and Heya Bar has answered. Everything on the street eats menu is half price from 5pm so sink your teeth into a duck okonomiyaki for $7, cheeseburger spring rolls for $5 and steamed edamame for $3. 

Remy’s - $3 tacos

Get around taco Tuesdays at Remy’s where you can get your hands on a soft tortilla filled with a bunch of fresh ingredients for only $3 each or 4 for $10 from 6pm.

Coyotito - $5 tacos

Wrap your mouth around a soft tortilla filled with your choice of chargrilled achiote pork, steak, honey chipotle chicken, Mooloolaba prawns, vegetables or fish for only $5 a piece at Coyotito.  

Tippler's Tap - $2 tacos

That after-work tipple can now be accompanied by a $2 taco at Tipplers Tap – it’ll be hard to drag yourself away. 

Lucky Egg – 2-4-1 burgers


One of the best burgers in town gets even better when it’s 2 for 1. Grab two succulent fried chicken burgers for $12 and listen to your bank account sing Hallelujah. 

The Defiant Duck - $5 food deal

Grab a cheeseburger or hot dog for only $5 with any drink purchase. No time limit on this one, you have all day to think it over and eventually give into The Defiant Duck. 

Brewski - $10 burgers

Brewski’s burgers (except the Double Brewski) are only $10 on Tuesday which means you’re saving a whopping $6-$8 – best put this towards an accompanying craft beer. 

The Fox - $10 parmies

If Tuesdays aren’t for tacos then they surely are for parmies, with The Fox’s $10 chicken parmy and cauliflower parmy served from 6-9pm. 

Wednesday food specials 

The Coop Bistro – 2 x parmies for $19.99

The legendary chicken parmies at The Coop Bistro are always a Wednesday favourite for anyone looking for a meal deal. Indulge in two parmies for $19.99 with any two drink purchases. 

Tippler's Tap – Pork ribs stack deal

A whole stack of barbecue pork ribs for under $20 means Tippler’s Tap is your one-stop-shop for a Wednesday evening meal - available from 6pm and stacked upon a bed of fries and coleslaw.

Brat Haus – Chicken schnitzel deal

Grab two chicken schnities and two sides for only $10 at Brat Haus – fries are an option but also a necessity.

Collective Kitchen & Bar - $14 pizzas & $1 wings

Trivia Wednesdays at Collective Kitchen & Bar means $14 pizzas, $1 wings and a show as you look upon all the trivia hopefuls. 

Thursday meal deals

Red Hook – Burger meal deal 

Red Hook

It's throwback Thursday and the only thing you should be throwing back is the double-down special at Red Hook. Bring a mate so you can both enjoy a Brooklyn cheeseburger and chips for $25 – that’s only $12.50 each!

Madame Rouge - $1 oysters

It seems absurd, but Madame Rouge kindly offers $1 oysters from 4-6pm on Thursday and Fridays. What’s usually a luxury can now be enjoyed on a budget – thank you Madame!

The Coop Bistro - $3 tacos

If tacos aren’t an option for Tuesday then enjoy them on Thursday for only $3 at The Coop Bistro. Wash them down with taco-friendly beer, sangria, tequila and margaritas. 

TGIFriday food deals 

Johnny’s Pizzeria – 2-4-1 pizzas 

Johnny’s pizzas are already cheap as chips but 2 for 1 Fridays brings forth even greater deals and means you’re grabbing top quality pizzas for only $6 or $8.50 each.

Madame Rouge - $1 oysters

It seems absurd, but Madame Rouge kindly offers $1 oysters from 4-6pm on Thursday and Fridays. What’s usually a luxury can now be enjoyed on a budget – thank you Madame!

King Tea – Free tapas

King Tea provides the perfect excuse for that after-work drink – free tapas from 5-6pm! This is not a drill people. 


Everyone loves to indulge on Saturdays so there are no meal deals currently offered, but we’re keeping our ears on alert in case anything pops up. In the mean time, we've listed a few "all week" specials down below - some may apply, otherwise check out our cheap eats in the CBD

Sunday savings

Remy’s – 2-4-1 burgers

What better way to end your weekend than with 2 for 1 burgers at Remy’s from 3.30-6.30pm. 

Peasant – Paella for two 

Head along to Peasant for delicious paella that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. All you’ll need is a partner, a hungry stomach and $30 to indulge in this seafood delight for two.

Hai Hai Ramen - $10 ramen 

You can’t resist those 5pm hunger pangs on a Sunday, especially when Hai Hai Ramen serves up the steamy noodle dish for only $10 from 5-6pm. Karaage chicken and sweetcorn is $5 from 3-6pm.  

All Week dining specials 

Corbett & Claude - Lunch special

Voted as some of the best pizzas in Brisbane, you can get a range of these delicious pies as well as pastas and salads for only $10 during the weekday lunch rush. Monday - Friday for Garden City and Indooroopilly, Monday - Thursday for Brisbane CBD. 

Jamie’s Italian – Lunch special  

Jamie's Italian

Jamie Oliver has brought you a gift and this gift includes a lunch special like no other at Jamie’s Italian. Indulge in a two-course lunch for $25 or three-course lunch for $30 from Monday to Saturday 12-6pm. 

Bavarian Bier Café – Lunch special 

A schnity and craft beer for lunch is the only way to get you through the working afternoon, luckily Bavarian Bier Café offers this special for only $15 Monday to Thursday.

Vapiano – Lunch special 

Vapiano - Spread

If you’re working or playing in the concrete jungle, then look no further than Vapiano’s lunch special that has pizzas and pasta ranging from $10-$13 Monday to Thursday. 

Govinda's Vegetarian Restaurant – All-you-can-eat

Govinda’s all-you-can-eat vegetarian feast for only $12.90 every day, shows that you definitely can make friends with salad. 

The Coop Bistro – Lunch special 

$10 can’t buy you much nowadays but it can buy you a burger from 12-3pm every day at The Coop Bistro. Buy a drink to take advantage of this great deal.  

The Fox – Meal deals 

As well as the Monday and Tuesday specials, The Fox also does happy hours for pizza and burgers. Grab a $4 pizza Monday to Saturday 12-2pm, Monday to Thursday 6-8pm and Sunday all day, or a burger and fries for only $5 Monday to Thursday 6-8pm.

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