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Chase down all the food trucks, street food and pop-up venues in Brisbane

The modern day equivalent of hunting and gathering is to locate the nearest food truck or pop-up and bring home all the street food goods. If deep fried meats, melted cheese and hot chips get you a little overexcited or if you prefer mashups like the cronut or the cruffin, then this guide is for you. 

We’re not picking favourites, so instead this list encompasses all the food trucks and pop-up's Brisbane currently has to offer. 

For street food precincts visit Eat Street Northshore, Boundary Street Markets, Welcome to Bowen Hills or Downey Park Food Trucks where you will find an abundance of tasty treats. Want to see who is active right now around Brisbane? Check out this interactive map the Brisbane Food Trucks website to locate your favourite vans.

Italian cuisine 

Mamma mia! Who doesn’t love Italian food? These trucks are rolling out the dough around Brisbane.

Abbiocco – Specialises in slow-cooked meat sandwiches and arancini balls.

Farmer Brown’s Pizzas – Creates wood-fired pizzas using fresh, locally sourced ingredients and a homemade special sauce. 

La Cucina Mobile – Is turning traditional Italian family recipes into street-style food with pastas, Italian mains and arancini.

La Cucina Mobile

Roam’In Pizza – Makes Australian pizzas cooked the Italian wood-fired way. The truck is available for private and corporate events.

Pizzantica - Spot this kombi van around the streets of Brisbane serving fresh pizza and calzones the traditional Napoli way. 


Rolling Stone Pizza
- Authentic wood-fired pizzas with vegetarian and gluten-free options. 

Pizzeria 4007 - Napoli style pizza straight from Eat Street. You can choose from normal, gluten free bases and vegetarian and vegan options. We recommend the traditional  margarita with fresh basil or the meat lovers for the carnivore among us.  

Burgers, sandwiches and buns

Since the beginning of time, man has been putting meat and veg between two buns. Follow tradition (or not) at these burger and bun food trucks.

The Bun Mobile – Brisbane’s first food truck, these guys hand-craft soft steam buns and stuff them with with pork, wagyu beef, chicken or vegetarian fillings plus there’s a different special each day.
Poulet & Porc – Here is all about chicken and pork dishes (specifically pork belly. Yum!) in the form of burgers and bites - the crackling is out of this world. 

Poulet and Porc

Mr Burger – Dishes out American-style burgers using fresh and locally sourced produce from family-owned suppliers.
How We Rolls – Stuff brioche rolls stuffed with smoky, spiced and seasoned meats covered in house-made sauces on beds of fresh salad.

Danny Boys – The bread is baked using its signature methods, fresh ingredients are sourced locally from the markets daily, and the meats and cheeses are roasted and sliced fresh to produce the best Flatgrill sandwich possible.

Moo-Free Burgers – Don’t have a beef with this food truck. Moo-Free dishes are 100 per cent plant-based burgers and chips.

Mr America – Discover authentic American hotdogs, fries and loaded fries and burger recipes sourced from the many states of America.

Wild Rissole – This home-grown burger trailer and marquee sells Australian-style rissole burgers.

Cheese Lane – For the people who really love cheese, Cheese Lane produces gourmet toasted cheese sandwiches and similar menu items. 

Salt Pepper and Cumin – Choose from grilled deli burgers, spicy sausage sandwiches, kofta and shish kebab platters or the one-of-a-kind steamed hamburger for a popular late-night snack. 

American cuisine on wheels

Chicken wings as far as the eye can see and cheese, cheese and more cheese is what makes American food so great.

King of the Wings – This award-winning truck serves hot ‘n’ fresh American-style chicken wings, offering five unique flavours. 

King of the Wings Chicken

Micasa - Uncover an ever-changing menu of true American burgers, dirty loaded chilli cheese fries, pulled pork fries, nachos, burritos, chicken wings and more.

The Dapper and Chic – Best known for its Coca-Cola sauce and Po Boy Shrimp, Dapper and Chic also serve slow cooked pork, chicken salad, a fish burger and Cajun spiced fries.

Mac from Way Back – Yes really, a truck dedicated to Mac n’ Cheese. Try the tasty Mac bowls, Feral fries and burgers.

Low-and-slow American barbecue trucks

Low-and-slow meaty barbecue is a must-try experience. Track down these food trucks for the ultimate American barbecue in Brisbane. 

Joe’s BBQ Ribs – Smoked baby back pork ribs and smoked brisket are slow-cooked to perfection and served with the special barbecue sauce here.

That BBQ Joint – Taking influence from American barbecue in the Deep South, try the sliders, onion rings, buffalo wings and ribs.  

Smokin Gun Texas BBQ – Brisket, beef ribs and sausage smoked to perfection and served with a homemade barbecue sauce. 

Barbecue and charcoal trucks

So let’s be clear, American and Australian barbecue are not the same thing. The following food trucks do things over charcoal, inspired by world travel or right here at home.

Char Baby BBQ – This world barbecue food truck recreates the flavours from many cuisines, inspired by the chef’s world travels.

CharKOR BBQ – Taste fusion Korean barbecue cooked in a European charcoal oven, offering marinated beef and teriyaki chicken dishes. 

Shanks’-A-Lot – Tuck into Mediterranean-style lamb shanks, fresh Greek salad, grilled haloumi and beer-battered sidewinder chips.

Pirates Plate – Supporting Bowel Cancer Australia, the menu is always changing but this truck often serves schnitzel, meatballs, burgers and sausages. 

The Frying Piggy – Crispy fried pork with flavours inspired by worldwide street food are served with signature barbecue sauces.

Kraut N’ About - Kraut N' About takes you on a cultural journey to southern Germany. Bavaria is about traditional pork sausages (Currywurst & Bratwurst), schnitzel, cheese kranksys and the classic German pretzels. 

Asian cuisine food trucks

Colour, spice and everything nice. Asian cuisine has such variety, you could try all these food trucks and never eat the same thing twice. 

Malaysian St – Expect to be served up authentic Malaysian Roti Canai.

Rolls Pho Mi – Vietnamese street food is the go here with rice paper rolls, pho, bahn mi, a variety of entrees and a changing specials board.  

Sate House – This truck strives to bring the best and tease the taste buds with the culinary excellence of Malaysian and Indonesian cuisine serving satay, Nasi Padang and house specials.

Everest Momo – A type of South Asian dumpling, try momos filled with beef, chicken, pork and vegetable filling options.

Koma Sliders - East meets West in this fabulous fusion of the classic slider with the exotic tastes of Korea.

Little Shanghai - Roasted pork (pork belly), peeking duck and bao....did we mention pork belly? Taste the crackle and then wash it down with bubble tea.

Yum yum thai street food - Make sure you try the thai crepe with asian slaw, it is fresh, vibrant and delicious. If you are feeling generous - sharing is caring - then the share plate with soft shell crab, coconut prawns and chicken satay will fill that thai shaped hole in your belly. 

Chase down South American trucks

The flavours and spice of South American cuisine can be found on Brisbane’s streets. From Mexican tacos to Latin arepas and empanadas. 

Oi! Taco – Expect homestyle Mexican street food with gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options.

Chilli Sisters – Discover authentic street food with homemade corn tortillas, corn chips, salsas, guacamole and marinades.

Vira Lata – Boasting secret family recipes and a handmade ethic, this Brazillian-influenced truck serves pulled brisket burgers, grilled haloumi hot dogs and fried chicken wings to name a few. 

Na’ Meche Place – Expect to find South American cuisine serving empanadas, arepas, tequeños and hallacas.

Fiery Deli Food Truck – Specialising in South American street food, the must-try menu item is the "arepa" or taco burger, which can be found on every street corner in Venezuela.

One World Food Truck – The focus is on Spanish/Latin food but don’t be surprised if they produce other quirky creations – the sky’s the limit with this one. 

Sweet treats

Skip dinner and head straight for dessert with these food trucks serving up sweet treats. You’re worth it.

Bruce the Food Truck – Bruce boasts an array of injectable cronuts and doughnuts. Grab your coffee hit here for one of the perfect pours.

Churros and Chocolate Food Truck – Find regular, filled and glazed churros that are vegan-friendly and served with warm chocolate dipping sauces and fresh sliced fruit.

Cone Queen - Brisbane’s residential ice-cream truck produces high-quality soft serve ice-creams, spiders, shakes and sundaes.

Gluten Off - Gluten-free friends rejoice! Find sweet and savoury delights including wagyu beef savoury eclairs and lemon meringue doughnuts to name a few.

Ruby the Little Red Ice Cream Van – Everything is made onboard using an Italian Carpigiani ice-cream machine. Ruby’s super whipped soft serves are an old-school ice-cream treat. 

Sticky Dees – Bite into sweet and gourmet caramel apples with ever-changing and custom-made toppings.

Sweet and Salted - Funnel cakes and waffles here can be combined with a variety of different sweet toppings.

Yummi Fruit Ice-Creamery – Nothing fake here, just real fruit blended with creamy vanilla ice-cream. You can mix and match flavours to create your perfect combination.

Seafood (and then I eat it)

The seas offer plenty of bounty for those who seek it. Track down these trucks to uncover treasure.

Catch and Kiss Seafood – Known for fresh fish, panko-crusted calamari and Australian salt and pepper prawns all served with a side of hot chips.

Mussel Brothers – Mussels, mussels and more mussels made a number of different ways with the odd side of calamari when you’re feeling it.

Shuck it! – Was it not obvious? This is Brisbane’s purveyor of fresh and flavoursome oysters.

Tender Calamari – The calamari marinated for 24 hours in zesty lemon, garlic and other tasty herbs and spices.

Other food trucks

Food trucks are a great testing ground for unusual and different cuisine or ideas. These trucks below don’t fit into the above categories but are worth chasing down all the same.

Roesti Revolution – The makers and shakers of gourmet German roestis (grated potato pancakes) and salsas using fresh ingredients.

Phat Boys – A fusion of modern and traditional Portuguese flavours using local ingredients to showcase the family’s culinary legacy. 

Zen Sister – Health-conscious foodies flock to this truck serving a range of delicious, nutritious and wholesome food options. 

Juice Power – No guess here. Find freshly squeezed juices, smoothies and crushes made to order and a variety of healthy snacks including fruit salads and salads.

Mobile Mocktails – Shake and stir a variety of fresh mocktails including Mango Coconut, Passionfruit Raspberry and Lychee Elderflower.

More to eat throughout Brisbane