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Brisbane's Favourite Food Trucks

Say goodbye to fine dining, white linen and big bills that make you cringe. Food trucks have hit the streets of Brisbane and they’re bringing the best street food from around the world. Now honestly, what could be better than your favourite dish coming to you? 

If you’re not familiar with the food truck trend don’t be frightened, here is a comprehensive guide to the best food trucks in Brisbane. 

The Bun Mobile 
The Bun mobile is a taste sensation and was Brisbane's very first food truck. Enjoy hand crafted steam buns that are healthy, quick, and affordable. Using only local ingredients The Bun Mobile has an ever-changing location and you can track them down by visiting its Facebook page. 

The Bun Mobile

Char Baby
Have the world on your plate with inspiration from Tunisia, Vietnam, Lebanon, Korea and several more. Find barbecued dishes cooked to perfection by the Char Baby staff for breakfast and lunch. Find them today? Check this Facebook page

That BBQ Joint
That BBQ Joint is the mobile American barbecue of your dreams. That BBQ Joint is not fine dining – throw away your cutlery, fingers are all you need. Track them down here.

King of the Wings
Taste the hype and take a bite of Australia’s first American-style fried chicken food truck. Offering five unique flavours, the wings are succulent, flavoursome and crispy. Check the page to locate them.

King of the Wings Fire n’ Dough
Fire n’ dough create Italian-inspired pizzas with thin crusts and just the right amount of toppings. There is nothing quite as good as a pizza made with fresh rolled dough – so find them here

Juan More Taco 
How many buses does it take to deliver authentic tacos to the streets of Brisbane? Just Juan. Juan More Taco uses fresh ingredients and unique flavours. Find them roaming around Brisbane on Facebook.  

The Pasta Cruiser 
Serving delicious gourmet pasta for lunch, dinner and events, The Pasta Cruiser’s ever-changing and interactive menu makes this food-truck a must-try! The Pasta Cruiser also serves hand-made ice-cream sandwiches to satisfy the sweet tooth.  Follow its wheels here

The Pasta Cruiser

Oi! Taco 
Oi! Taco specialises in home-style Mexican cuisine. The truck sources ingredients daily and the menu features free-range, hormone free and organic meats and poultry, and provide for a variety of dietary needs including vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, paleo and low-carb. Like Oi! Taco on Facebook to hunt them down today.

Pizzantica brings traditional Napoli pizza to Brisbane’s doorstep. You can select from a vast array of options and with the ever-changing menu you’ll never be bored. If you’ve got a big appetite, indulge in the Nutella calzone to finish your meal. Track the truck on Facebook.  


 Still hungry? There are plenty more trucks roaming the streets of Brisbane:

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