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Where to eat Nutella everything in Brisbane

In celebration of World Nutella Day (5 February every year) we’ve done the tasty research to uncover Brisbane’s best Nutella dishes.

The criteria? Real Nutella must be used – no impostors will be found here. Read on and treat yourself to the best.


Nutella pizza at Cowch

Pizza is Italian. Nutella is Italian. Why not combine two of the greatest products to come from that country? Plenty of Brisbane pizza restaurants caught on to this thought – pick up a Nutella and strawberry calzone with ice cream from Corbett & Claude or Choc pizza with Nutella and banana from Pizzeria Violetta

Furthermore, Beccofino make a mini pizza stuffed with Nutella and banana, Salt Meats Cheese makes a Nutella and peanut butter calzone and Cowch serves its "Nutellos" pizza with a Nutella base, strawberries, hazelnuts and caramel. 


If you find a doughnut store in Brisbane, chances are that they’ll have something filled or topped with Nutella. Doughnut Time's Brisbane City & South Bank stores are peddling its popular Nutella-filled doughnut (1:1 Nutella to dough ratio) and Milky Lane is dishing up deep fried churro fries with Nutella dipping sauce, while The Doughnut Bar serves a Nutella Cheesecake doughnut that is to die for. 


What if you could drink a shot, and enjoy it too? Bar Pacino will allow you that pleasure with a round of its Nutella shots. Or for more typical Nutella drinks, Cowch does a Nutella smoothie. 

Baked goods

You may have tried the original cult gluten-free brownie at a market, but head to the I Heart Brownies boutique in Bowen Hills or Wintergarden in the city and treat yourself to the Nutella stuffed one. 

Otherwise, hit up King Street Bakery in Bowen Hills for the Nutella beignets or Marchetti in the city for a Nutella scroll (perfect paired with an espresso).


Has there ever been a more perfect pairing for Nutella than with crepes? Any crepe stall will have Nutella on the menu as a staple, but if you need to hunt down crepes, try Miss Claude’s. 


It seems Nutella and waffles are another perfect match. Miss Jones in New Farm pairs its waffles with oozy nutella, hazelnut praline, honeycomb gelato and caramel sauce while Santa Monica in the CBD pairs with strawberries, blueberries, banana and ice cream.

Other Nutella desserts

Looking for something a little different? Harajuku Gyoza serve a Nutella gyoza with ice-cream, La Dolce Vita have a baked Nutella cheesecake, Zeus Street Greek have loukoumades drizzled with Nutella & walnuts, Vapiano's does a Nutella cheesecake topped with strawberries and The Bagel Boys will spread any bagel with a thick slather of Nutella (we recommend it with a choc chip bagel).

  We know you want to keep all the Nutella to yourself but trust us, it's more fun shared.

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