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Tick off all 30 items on Brisbane's ultimate food bucket list

Now listen up kids, we’re here to school you in Brisbane’s ultimate dishes. These are the ones that everyone talks about, that shape this fine city, and the dishes a venue simply can’t take off its menu without public uproar.

These modern classics are the best of the best, so it’s with good reason you should start eating your way through them. Try and finish all 30, we dare you.

Click the boxes to tick the dishes you've eaten. Get a total score at the end.

1. Buffalo crispy, Lucky Egg – you haven't had a fried chicken burger until you've tried Lucky Egg's buffalo crispy. Munch down on their original fried chicken with American cheddar, pickles, spinach, buffalo sauce and kewpie mayo and wonder why you don't eat here every night.

2. Coconut & tumeric king prawn curry, sAme sAme – Although every menu item is die-hard delicious, ordering the the coconut and tumeric Moreton Bay bug curry is essential at sAme sAme. 

3. Burger, Ben’s Burgers – Ben’s only serves three types of burger and you can’t make alterations. Sure, add an extra patty or cheese, but don’t dare ask for no pickle. You don’t mess with perfection.

4. Chocolate brownie, Dello Mano – It is said Ashton Kutcher once ordered these luxury brownies for his birthday. Take his word, they are damn fine.

5. Buffalo wings, Newstead Brewing Co – The ultimate beer food, these are buttery delicious, with just enough spice to make you question whether to skip the next beer and get drunk on wings instead.

6. Nutella doughnut, Doughnut Time - They're back and better than ever so wrap your mouth around a nutella-filled doughnut to satisfy that sugar craving – you won't be disappointed. 

7. Cheese toastie, The Cheese Pleaser We couldn't pick a favourite, so instead try them all – wild mushroom and taleggio cheese, three cheese mix with jamon and onion jam or blue cheese, smoky bacon and fresh pear. 

8. Prosciutto pizza, Beccofino Hot tip, ask to add rocket on top and take this to the next level. Beccofino still does the best pizza and the prosciutto tops the list.

9. Duck ragu, Julius Pizzeria – Little sibling to Beccofino, both share this dish that simply must be had.

10. Salted caramel gelato, La MacelleriaSay hello to Marco and Marco, two Italian gelato masters from Bologna. Things are done traditionally here.

11. Duck tacos, Red Hook Best paired with crispy waffles fries and smoky mayo, the tacos (often served in a cute little "food truck") play on NYC’s street food trend of mixing Asian and Mexican cuisines.

12. Salads, Botanica Real Food The only place in Brisbane to make friends with epic salad is Botanica. 

13. Chicken wings, HontoTucked away in Fortitude Valley, this 90-seat Japanese diner has people returning again and again for its mouth watering eats. We recommend ordering everything on the menu, but if you're limited, the chicken wings with miso glaze and furikake is our top pick. 

14. Tempura monkfish sandwich, Nota – Who knew there'd be a sandwich that could rival the Moreton Bay bug roll at Rick Shores. You'll find this as a starter on the menu but we don't blame you if you just want to order five of these and skip the mains – decisions, decisions. 

15. French toast special, Smug Fig – There is a constantly changing French toast menu with favourites including Tim Tam, Mint Slice or Freddo Frog – need we say more?

16. Frites, Fritzenberger – Achieve your own level of salty goodness on their 100% Australian grown, thick-cut fries.

17. Rocky road, Noosa Chocolate Factory  – Once you taste the rocky road from Noosa Chocolate Factory there is no going back. A house-made marshmallow and strawberry jelly is coated with coconut milk chocolate. Their online shop is open 24/7 to supply you with unlimited chocolate-y goodness.

18. Crab soufflé, Montrachet  – It’s always soufflé weather! While you’re browsing the seasonal French menu and wine list, don’t forget to throw that classic Montrachet Crab Soufflé in the shopping cart. You're worth it.

19. Breakfast carbonara, Morning After Why had no one thought of this earlier? Crack those gooey eggs over a deconstructed mess of pasta, mushrooms and cheese.

20. Salted caramel cupcake, Jocelyn's Provisions – decadence is an understatement when it comes to this cupcake. Think a classic chocolate cupcake with a gooey salted caramel centre topped with a salted caramel buttercream – we're drooling. 

21. Crispy fried chicken bao, Mr Bunz – Although this is a favourite, Mr Bunz is constantly experimenting with new flavours. Grab a fried chicken bao and whatever special is on the menu – you can't have just one.

22. Eggs benny, Artie & Mai  – Eggs benedict can be found on breakfast menus all over the city, but we’ll argue that Artie & Mai consistently does it best.

23. MK Special, Miss Kay’s Miss Kay’s has the marriage of perfect patty, American cheese and soft-slightly-sweet bun down pat. Add maple bacon and onion ring and it’s no wonder the MK Special is a top seller.

24. Cake, Wild Canary Winner of our hearts for prettiest cakes in the city, Wild Canary uses gorgeous edible flowers from its garden to dress up its tiered cakes. While you’re at it, grab one of their picnic hampers full of sweet and savoury treats perfect for two people.

25. Shakshuka, Naim – Tuck into Tanisian style eggs baked in a rich tomato, capsium and spiced sauce with toasted turkish bread and olives. You can definitely lick the bowl. 

26. Cookie pancake stack, Cowch –  Need a sugar hit? Cowch is delivering their survival kits to your door for free if you order over $30. Three warm pancakes layered with crushed Tim Tams & Oreo, topped with cookies & cream, ice cream, milk chocolate – we are not complaining if we could enjoy it in our pyjamas.

27. Haloumi chips, Corbett & Claude – Holy mother of chip god. Yes sticks of squeaky cheese may seen a little over the top, but the crispy haloumi chips at Corbett & Claude are no joke. Pair them up with anything from their take-away value menu from $10. Don’t offer to share.

28. Basket of wings, Tippler’s Tap  – A whole basket of dry spice rubbed wings for $13? The dream. Pair with beer (obviously).

29. Donuts, Nodo - A 'hole' lot of delicious, you can't go wrong with whatever delectable flavour donuts you choose. Made from 100% gluten-free ingredients and with a rotating monthly special you will want to try more than one. We wont judge if you tick it of more than twice.

30. Steamed duck buns, Chu the Phat- The light-hearted little sister of the much-loved Madame Wu, you can now order their signature buns here. Light and fluffy steamed buns, filled with fresh, rich braised duck - be warned, it is impossible to stop at one.

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