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Best spots to catch a Brisbane sunset

Have you been lucky enough to witness one of Brisbane’s epic sunsets? Whether you have or not, we don’t want you to miss out on getting the best view as Brisbane turns vibrant shades of pink, orange, yellow, purple and red. Get exploring and check out our picks of the best spots around Brisbane to enjoy the last of the sun’s rays. 

Hot Tip: Pack a cheese platter picnic to take your evening experience to the next level. 

Inner City

Kangaroo Point

Kangaroo Point

The Kangaroo Point Cliffs offer one of the best views in Brisbane, so this is top of the list when looking for sunset spots. We suggest packing a basket and snagging one of the free barbecues for dinner and an evening light show as you watch the sunset paint the sky and the city a thousand shades of orange and pink. 

Wilson Outlook

Wilsons Outlook

Wilson Outlook, arguably one of Brisbane’s best kept secrets, is also a spectacular vantage point of the city for sunset love. From this little park on the cliff edge at New Farm, it’s easy to frame up the Story Bridge. Set up the tripod and wait for the sunset to turn the skies above Brisbane a spectacular shade.

New Farm Park

This riverside park is great any time of day but little do people know, it’s a great spot to relax and watch the sunset – especially during jacaranda season. Throughout November, a brightly coloured sunset intensifies the colour of the jacarandas dotted around the park. Bring a lawn game and get in a round or two before your attention is stolen by the light display in the sky. 

Eleven Rooftop Bar

Eleven Rooftop

If you fancy a drink, head to this rooftop bar before sunset and take a seat facing the city. You’ll watch Brisbane go from day to night as you sip on somethin’ fruity. Catch the ray’s reflections in the glassy facades as the sun goes down. 

Mt Coot-tha Lookout

Although this lookout is most famous for a Brisbane sunrise, visiting Mt Coot-tha’s Lookout at sunset is surprisingly just as nice and relaxing. Sit back with a cheese board on the grassy hill or dine in at the restaurant and watch as Brisbane says goodbye to the day. 

Mt Gravatt Lookout

This unsuspecting lookout is somewhat of a hidden gem known only by locals. It faces north-west towards the CBD, so stop in to watch the sun set if you’re over that side of town. 

Brisbane’s Bayside

Whether it’s sunrise or sunset, sitting along the bayside is perfect for either. Check out these spots to watch the sky turn a variety of dusky colours. For sunset we suggest grabbing dinner from a local fish and chip shop and setting up for a picnic along the water. 

Cleveland Point Lighthouse

Cleveland Point Lighthouse

At just 12m tall, this hexagonal wooden shiplap lighthouse is so cute we just want to hug it. It’s a great place to watch the sunset (hence its popularity with photographers) and you can extend your visit by dining at the Lighthouse Restaurant across the road.

Woody Point Jetty 

Woody Point Jetty conveniently faces south, making this one of the only points in the area that you can see the sunset over the water as you face west. Watch on as the different hues reflect and refract throughout the water. 

Shorncliffe Pier

Stretching 350m out into the water of Bramble Bay, the iconic Shorncliffe Pier is Brisbane’s largest (and most picturesque) timber pier. Wander to the end and look back at the setting sun or look forward to the bay and watch the sunset ripple on the water.  

Wellington Point 

Wellington Point has a pier of its own and is also a spectacular spot to watch the sunset. Watch the sky turn a lavender purple as the sun sets over the bay, and if you’re lucky there’ll probably be a few doggos around happy to receive your pats. 

Just a little further east… 

Tangalooma Island Resort, Moreton Island

Watching the sun set over the water is not a luxury afforded often on the eastern coast of Australia but because Tangalooma Island Resort and the western side of the island faces the mainland, you can watch the glowing sun drop right before your eyes.

After the sun sets behind the headland, wander down to the jetty to see a pod of wild bottlenose dolphins enter the shallows. If you’re a guest of the resort, you can take part in feeding the dolphins.  

Amity Point, North Stradbroke

Similar to its neighbouring island, Amity Point on North Straddie also faces west allowing you to watch the sun set over the mainland. Grab fresh seafood from around town and a beverage or two to make it a full island experience. 

And a little further west…

Haigh Park, Lake Moogerah

Want to watch a reflecting sun set over a completely still lake? That’s what you’ll find at Lake Moogerah. Pitch a tent and enjoy the spectacle, then continue to star gaze late into the evening. No city lights out here! 

Lake Maroon, Scenic Rim

Only a short way away from Moogerah, you’ll find the same spectacular sunset views reflecting over Lake Maroon. Which will you pick? The choice is yours. 

Hang Gliders Lookout and Rotary Lookout, Tamborine Mountain

Mount Tamborine

Tamborine Mountain is a must do – and staying for this sunset view is essential. Take a blanket, camera, anything you need and set yourself up at Hang Gliders Lookout or Rotary Lookout for a breathtaking sunset. Watch the hang gliders launch off the side of the mountain and see them floating above you as the sky burns from orange to black.

Morans Falls, Scenic Rim

A postcard perfect view awaits at Morans Falls in Lamington National Park. Found in the Green Mountains area, you’ll have to embark on a 4.6km walk to reach this lookout, but we promise the sunset views are worth it.

Hays Landing, Somerset

Drive out to the spit at Hays Landing and prepare yourself for the spectacular sunset that’s about to spill over the waters of Lake Wivenhoe. We’re always a little peckish at this time, so settling in for a B.Y.O cheese platter on the grass hill is right up our alley.  

Lake Samsonvale, Moreton Bay Region

Can you tell we have a thing for sunsets over lakes? Because here’s another! Watch the sun set over the mountains from Bullocky Rest at Lake Samsonvale – there’s no shortage of picnic tables, shelters and barbecues to make your trip more relaxing. 

Wild Horse Mountain Lookout, Moreton Bay Region

Walk the steep 700 meters up a paved pathway and be rewarded with breathtaking 360-degree panoramic views across Pumicestone Passage, the Glasshouse Mountains and Bribie and Moreton Islands. One benefit of doing this in the evening means it won’t be as hot and the landscape will be bathed in dusky colours as it fades to night. 

By Camilla Coaldrake

Brisbane born and bred, Camilla is a passionate westsider who spends her days finding dogs to pat and dishes up hot Brisbane tips via social media. By night find her running around a field, slurping dumplings or ranking Brisbane’s best cocktail bars. Her favourite cheese is triple cream truffle brie, FYI.

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