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Australia’s fluffiest supermodel steals the spotlight

25 March 2015

The world has a new supermodel and she hails from greater Brisbane – Australia Zoo to be precise. And like other great stars, she goes by a single name – Chip.

Harper's Bazaar April 2015

She’s a bit cuddlier than most models though, because Chip is a 15-month-old koala who graces the April cover of Harper’s BAZAAR Australia along with another Australian supermodel, Shanina Shaik.

Chip’s global fan base is growing by the day, and a photo of her with Australia Zoo keeper Olivia Degn has had thousands of likes on Instagram.

“With her soft grey fur and ‘90s supermodel attitude towards getting out of bed – she gets 20 hours of beauty sleep a day – we just knew Chip would be a star,” Olivia said.

The Harper’s BAZAAR crew captured the memorable cover shot of Chip snuggling into Shanina (after several test shots with a toy koala) and the issue went on sale earlier this month.

Chip the koala and zoo keeper Olivia

“Chip's modelling debut not only showcases the amazing wildlife at Australia Zoo, but draws attention to the importance of protecting Australian wildlife for future generations. The Harper's BAZAAR shoot also showcased our grey kangaroos and a beautiful woma python,” Olivia said.

As for Chip, well she’s not quite ready to be photographed in the arms of her adoring public but the experience showed she could handle the spotlight and we can expect to see much more of her in the future.

Koala encounters with Chip’s superstar counterparts can be booked at

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