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The Soul Nook Collective

79 Cochranes Road, Tallegalla, Queensland 4340


Soul Nook Collective is a venture that sprinkles a little bit of magic wherever it goes.

Owner Taryn Ryan styles events and picnics in country and heritage locations – complete with a bell tent or two if you so desire.

The bell tents have been hired out for craft workshops, parties, overnight glamping and even as bridal party dressing rooms at country weddings.

They are large and roomy and can be used with or without the lower walls removed. Their very presence imparts a fantastic Bohemian/Gypsy vibe to any event.

Meanwhile Soul Nook Collective picnics can be styled in any urban or country location across the region – and you can even land there by helicopter, with The Collective working with Pterodactyl Helicopters to provide truly memorable packages.

Find The Soul Nook Collective on Facebook to keep up to date with events and offers – as well as what’s new in the Rosewood-based retail space.

Tours & Rates

Sunset Picnic Package
Enjoy the spectacular views and catch your breath with the stunning backdrop featuring Marburg and Tallegalla (and all that lies between) as you sit and enjoy your sunset abode.

Perched up on a hill, you will be transported to a beautiful location where you'll get to watch the sun go down over a nice glass of fine wine, enjoy the cool evening breeze and share a delicious gourmet grazing board for two!

Multi-person bookings are available.
Price: $260
For two people. Multi-person bookings are available.


Experiences you can enjoy:
  • Food & Wine
  • Luxury


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79 Cochranes Road, Tallegalla, 4340, Queensland, Australia

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