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Dark Magician Games

22 West Street, Ipswich, Queensland 4305

Do you have a Yu-Gi-Oh fan in the house or a fiercely competitive Warhammer warrior? Or maybe someone who simply loves pop culture.

Well, there’s a destination in Ipswich, Queensland, that they may just want to check out.

Hidden down a side street off the main Brisbane St in the heart of the city is a den of treasures for tabletop gamers. Dark Magician Games, named after a Yu-Gi-Oh character, specialises in a variety of tabletop games and hosts regular tournaments. It’s a shop that attracts all age groups. Youngsters come in to sift through cards for their collections, available from five cents apiece, while more seasoned gamers stock up on paint for intricate Warhammer pieces.

The shop opens through to Rare & Pretty Dolls with its own colourful array of new and vintage dolls and collectable Pop Vinyls.

The two shops are run by husband and wife Shaun and Cassie Booth who love sharing their hobbies with visitors.

Tournaments bring crowds to town to compete and when there’s not enough room in the shop they set up next door in Goleby’s Basement. There’s even a special menu on offer that players can choose from, delivered from the nearby Retro Diner.


  • Shop / Gift Shop
  • Disabled access available, contact operator for details.


Experiences you can enjoy:
  • Experience is free


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22 West Street, Ipswich, 4305, Queensland, Australia

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