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Kids Collective at Home - Bee Buddies

In Celebration of World Bee Day on May 20, there is no better time to create some little bee buddies and teach children a thing or two about these un-BEE-lievable insects!


Bees are BEE-autiful creatures and play a very important role in ensuring one third of the world’s crops are pollinated as well as many of the trees and flowers that provide habitats for wildlife. 

In celebration is these busy bees, why not help young ones re-create their own? In addition, children will learn the importance and ease of re-purposing household goods, and learn a fact or two about Roma Street Parkland bees!

Creative exercises are an effective way to foster self-expression in children and carry an abundance of additional benefits, such as stress management, increased brain function and the development of fine motor skills. Check out the video above for a step-by-step tutorial on how to make bee buddies, and don’t forget to share your kid’s creations on social media using #KidsCollective

Once you and your littlie have made some buzzing bee buddies, be sure to complete the coinciding colouring in activity.

Click here for a downloadable pdf of the bee buddies activity sheet and colouring in page.Kids Collective at Home Bee Buddies Activity Sheet