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Kids Collective at Home - Footy Fun and Pistol Passing

Time to get little ones moving with Kids Collective at Home fitness activities - footy fun and pistol passing presented by ID Sports.

The aim of our fitness activities is to improve your child’s personal growth by focusing on movement and coordination. Play-based, physically active learning experiences can assist with the development of gross and fine motor skills as well as cardiovascular fitness, balance and strength in young ones. 

From running, to ball-bouncing, jumping and throwing, ID Sports showcases a range of easy to follow activities that are guaranteed to tucker your child out!

Check out the video above for the Kids Collective at Home activity for this week, and don’t forget to share your kid’s creations on social media using #KidsCollective

Once you and your little one have taken part, be sure to complete the coinciding colouring in activity below or click here to download it.

Kids Collective Football Colour in