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Cobb & Co Tourist Drive

Warrego Highway, GATTON, QLD 4343


All aboard! This historic drive takes today's travellers along the 1860s Royal Mail coach route that carried Cobb & Co passengers more than 140 years ago.

Along the Way

The Cobb & Co Tourist Drive is easy to follow by referring to this map, which you can also pick up from the Lake Apex Visitor Information Centre in Gatton or the Plainland Visitor Information Centre at the Travel Centre on the Warrego Hwy in Plainland. Whether you start your journey at either end of the route or somewhere in-between, the distinctive wagon wheel signs will show you the way to go.

Staging Posts

Just as Cobb & Co passengers needed occasional stops during their journey, so do modern-day travellers. So along the Cobb & Co tourist drive three convenient locations in Rosewood, Forest Hill and Gatton have been designated Staging Posts. Each location is identified with easy to spot signs. All Staging Posts are situated where services such as public toilets are accessible, and food and drinks are available seven days a week.


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Warrego Highway, GATTON, 4343, QLD, Australia

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