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How to get to and around North Stradbroke Island

Updated: 19 July 2021

North Stradbroke Island is a beach and nature lover’s paradise and, with some prior planning, is really easy to get to and around. The island is accessed via ferry at Toondah Harbour at Cleveland, in Brisbane’s East. Cleveland is about 40 minutes’ drive from the Brisbane CBD and is also serviced by trains and local buses. 

Getting to Cleveland


Toondah Harbour is 30km or a 40 minute drive from the Brisbane CBD. If you drive, you can leave your car at the harbour and take a passenger ferry, or take your car with you on the car ferry.


A train from the Brisbane CBD will take about an hour and is a 3 Zone journey. Check out train pricing here. Once you arrive at the Cleveland Train station, a bus can take you from there to the ferry terminal, which is about 5 minutes away. 

You can plan your whole journey using Translink here

Getting to the Island

Straddie Flyer docking at North Stradbroke Island, Brisbane Region

The island can be accessed by water taxi or vehicle ferry. You don’t need a 4WD to get on the car ferry and if you’re staying for a few days it’s a great idea to take your car for ease of movement around the island.

Water Taxi: 

Two companies operate passenger ferries from Toondah Harbour to North Stradbroke Island and the journey will take around 25 minutes. You will likely be able to find a time convenient for you with services running run hourly between 4.55 am and 6.25 pm (with a daily break from 1.55 pm to 3.25 pm – please check the operator's website prior to travel for any timetable changes).

Sealink Stradbroke Island

Leaves Toondah Harbour and docks at Dunwich, Junner Street.

Stradbroke Flyer 
Leaves Toondah Harbour and docks at One Mile Jetty, Dunwich.

Vehicle Ferry

barge wide

Sealink Stradbroke Island provides the vehicle ferry service to North Stradbroke Island and the trip is around 50 minutes. Services are hourly with extras being added at peak times over long weekends and school holidays. It’s definitely best to book ahead and often cheaper as well. Ask your accommodation provider if they can book the ferry for you as this will often also come at a reduced rate.

If you brought your car over with you on the vehicle ferry, the world is your oyster. Most roads are sealed and easily accessible and it should take you around 15 Minutes from Dunwich to Amity Point and around 20 minutes to Point Lookout.

If you brought a 4WD along, be sure to check information on beach driving and that you have an appropriate permit. Fines are routinely given to drivers without correct and current permits. 

Stradbroke Island buses provide a service that neatly corresponds with passenger ferry times so that you can jump off the ferry and almost straight onto a bus. The bus doesn’t run at night though, so make sure you check the timetable to make sure you aren’t stranded when you get there. Make sure you have cash with you to pay the fare, Go Cards and Eftpos are not accepted.

There is one taxi operating on the island. The distance from Dunwich to Point Lookout makes the service a little on the expensive side (nearly $100 from Dunwich to Point Lookout) but definitely useful if you arrive late at night or in emergencies. Further details can be found here.

Call: +614 08 193 685 to book.

Scooters (Moped Style)

Jet around the island on a hired scooter with Scooters on Straddie. Located near the harbour in Dunwich, they offer a pickup and drop off service from the SeaLink Stradbroke Island and Straddie Flyer terminals and pick up once daily from Amity Point and Point Lookout for a small fee. 

Call: 0497 777 933 to enquire.

Yura Banji Scooters (Electric Scooter)

Hire a eco-friendly electric scooter from Yura Banji Scooters located in the main hub of Point Lookout. The scooter are available to hire for an hourly rate and can travel as far 65km before needing to be charged.

Call: 0492 334 832 to enquire.

Private Shuttle

For an easy pick up and drop off from the ferry book Stradeasy. Hop on the air conditioned 11 seat mini bus and relax and lookout at the island when you get dropped from ferry to door - easy. 


When booking a tour make sure you inquire as to the pick-up and drop-off options and the operator will often include this in their price if you are looking to go to a popular location. One-day tours usually include the pick-up and drop-off to the water taxi as part of their price so just remember to tell the operator which company you are travelling with so they know where to pick you up.

A couple of highly rated operators include:


Recommended for experienced cyclists is the 20km long sweeping road from Dunwich to both Amity Point and Point Lookout. The road is sealed but is also the only road in and out for cars and trucks with a speed limit of 100km per hour in places. 

Alternatively, hiring a bike and cruising the street of Amity or Point Lookout is recommended for beginners and experienced riders alike. There’s nothing like ditching the car for two wheels to really feel like you’re on a beach holiday. 

Hire is available at 

Hotel Pickup

Depending on where you’re staying or playing you might find that a courtesy bus or car might be in operation. It’s always worth asking when you book your accommodation whether there are any transport services available. Some providers that we are aware of that provide some transport are:

Car Hire

If you’re visiting Brisbane and hiring a car, make sure you check in with the hire company to make sure you are allowed to travel via ferry to the island. Often this will incur an additional insurance fee, or be not allowed. 

There is a small car hire business on the island should you wish to hire a car for the duration of your stay. You can contact Stradbroke Island Car Rentals for more information.


Couple walk into Blue Lagoon

For the ultimate Straddie experience we recommend your own two feet. The island is made for walking and with many of the walking paths providing amazing seascapes and abundant wildlife, you’ll want to take the time and find places that are otherwise inaccessible.

For more island adventures