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Paula Boo Studios

13, Midjimberry Road, North Stradbroke Island, Queensland 4183


Paula Boo, Minjerribah Island songbird, weaves her acoustic soul through her music and her art. She shares stories from her French Canadian, Lebanese and Norwegian songlines to create a universal and uplifting voice that connects with the ancestors, the oceans, and the land in a celebration of culture.

As a Fibre Artist, Paula uses a variety of traditional and innovative techniques, styles, and materials, mainly working with natural fibres such as banana, palm inflorescence and sheaths, Lomandra spp., hemp, raffia and various weedy vines, and sometimes she incorporates rope and other found materials. She is currently exploring the fusion of metal works, ceramics and cyanotype with natural fibres.

Paula continues to explore and learn weaving and basketry techniques from traditional and contemporary weavers, whom she acknowledges as powerful women and men, always with respect for their ancient art forms. It is about sharing her knowledge with others whilst learning new techniques that will enable contemporary expressions of weaving as a vital art form.

Paula Boo Studios is a space for visitors to enjoy, appreciate and purchase local fibre art, and to participate in creative workshops.


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Experiences you can enjoy:
  • Art & Culture
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13, Midjimberry Road, North Stradbroke Island, 4183, Queensland, Australia

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