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34 Samarinda Way, 1, North Stradbroke Island, Queensland 4183


Straddie Tipis will bring a touch of magic to your wedding or other special personal or corporate event. This company’s giant Nordic tipis have a diameter of 10.3 metres and can seat 90 guests when their sides are lowered,and a diameter of 13 metres, seating 130 guests, when their sides are raised.

You will love being able to raise some or all of the tipis’ sides so your guests can enjoy the spectacular North Stradbroke Island panoramas and ocean breezes and lower them for protection from adverse changes in the weather.

Celebrate your wedding on North Stradbroke Island and Straddie Tipis, working in conjunction with local businesses, will help you plan the wedding of your dreams.

The island has an abundance of beautiful back drops for wedding photos and the tipis can be set up at an island location or on your own property.

From headland to beach, the tipis are suitable for most terrain.
The friendly staff at Straddie Tipis will also help you add flare to milestone birthday celebrations, family reunions, engagement parties and prestige to your next corporate

North Stradbroke Island, the world’s second largest sand island, is close to Brisbane and the Gold Coast.


Experiences you can enjoy:
  • Luxury


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34 Samarinda Way, 1, North Stradbroke Island, 4183, Queensland, Australia

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