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Quandamooka Coast

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Yura! (Welcome) to you.
Come and see the naturally beautiful Quandamooka Coast and experience our unique local Aboriginal culture with Quandamooka Coast Tours.
Quandamooka Coast is the waters and islands of Central and Southern Moreton Bay and the coastal land and streams between the Brisbane to Logan Rivers.

Quandamooka People are people of the sand and sea and have lived on Minjerribah (North Stradbroke Island) for a very long time.

Three clans comprise the Peoples of the Quandamooka. They are the Nughi of Mulgumpin (Moreton Island) and the Nunukul and Gorenpul of Minjerribah.
Quandamooka people have a deep spiritual connection to their country and they are now excited to share their rich culture and heritage with you – through art, stories, dance, language and songs - as cultural tourism experiences.

They invite you to immerse yourself in a total Quandamooka experience with Quandamooka Coast Tours.

A feast for the senses, you’ll see first-hand their unique ancient traditions, taste delicious native bush tucker and be delighted by Yalingbila, Australia’s only Aboriginal whale watching tours.

Quandamooka Coast Tours is managed by QYAC (Quandamooka Yoolooburrabee Aboriginal Corporation).

Tours & Rates

Guided Land Based Whale and Culture Walk
Their guided whale watching walk takes place at Mulumba (Point Lookout). Experience world class whale watching from one of the Country's most Easterly headlands which migrating whales pass close by the land.

Aboriginal People have survived and thrived on Minjerribah for at least 25,000 years, learn about the relationship the local tribes have with these majestic yalingbilla (whale). Along the walk it is also common to see buwangan (dolphin) and mibaral (turtle). Understand how the geographical and environmental features around you came to be through traditional stories about the creation of Quandamooka Country. Led by your Quandamooka guide, the sacred landscape will come alive.
Price: $89
Jinangdjara-la (Foot on Country) Women's Cultural Tours
Spend a day on country and become immersed spiritually in areas of ceremony, birthing and gathering of the Quandamooka women. During your visit you will partake in a fully guided tour from a traditional Quandamooka woman, receive morning tea outside and lunch at Yarabin Cafe. Boat and Bus Transfers included.
Price: $110
Mulumba Walk – The Gorge, Point Lookout
This tour features a walk around the clifftop of one of the coutry’s most easterly rock headlands. See Buwangan (dolphin), mibaral (turtle) and yalingbila (whale) along the walk (approximately 90 minutes)
Price: $89
Yalingbila Whale Tours
In the deep, clear waters off the North East tip of Stradbroke Island, Queensland, up to 200 Yalingbila, (whales) can be seen passing in a day between sunrise and sunset! From May to October each year the humpback whale migration happens on the Queensland Coast.
Come and experience Yalingbila sighting with us.

On our unique tours, guests enjoy a day with local Aboriginal guides sharing cultural knowledge about Yalingbila and the spiritual connection they share with Quandamooka People. Our guides also share incredible facts marine scientists are discovering about whales and their migration.

The boat tour departs Brisbane CBD, Cleveland or Dunwich. Enjoy the journey as it takes in the lands, waters and islands east of Brisbane known as Quandamooka land and sea, or, as we say, Quandamooka coast.

The comfortable boat travels the coastline of the pristine sub-tropical island of Minjerribah (Stradbroke Island) and it’s dramatic eastern rocky headlands of Mulumba (Point Lookout). A day full of photograph opportunities!
Price: $135 - $165
Whale tour leaving from Southbank is $165.00 Whale tour departing from Cleveland is $135.00 Whale tour departing from Dunwich is $135.00


Experiences you can enjoy:
  • Aboriginal Culture
  • Experience is free


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