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Brisbane Street parking

Street parking in the Brisbane CBD has many areas, rules and regulations that apply at different times of day and different days of the week. Some sporting or special events around Brisbane also have traffic and parking restrictions during event times. Keep up to date with this guide to Brisbane's street parking.

Brisbane Central Traffic Area

In the Brisbane Central Traffic Area you can park for a maximum of two hours in unsigned streets unless there are meters or signs showing otherwise.
This regulated area covers the Central Business District and nearby suburbs and localities:

  • City (excluding Roma Street Parkland precinct)
  • South Brisbane
  • South Bank
  • Petrie Terrace
  • Spring Hill
  • Fortitude Valley
  • Newstead
  • Parts of Bowen Hills
  • Parts of Mayne
  • Parts of Kangaroo Point
  • Parts of West End
  • Parts of New Farm
  • Parts of Highgate Hill
  • Parts of Kelvin Grove
  • Parts of Herston
  • Parts of Woolloongabba
The two-hour limit applies at these times:
Monday to Friday – 7am-6pm
Saturday – 7am-noon

Signs for the Brisbane Central Traffic Area are on the area boundaries. If you live within that area you may be eligible to apply for a residential parking permit for unrestricted parking. For more information visit the Brisbane City Council website.

Roma Street Parkland 

Parkland Blvd offers 35 parking bays and four parking meters. For motorcycles it has six bays and two meters.

The Platform 10 car park (Parkland Cres) has 32 parking bays and two meters.

The College Cl car park offers 122 parking bays and two meters.


Meter prices are structured according to zones: 

Zone 1: Brisbane CBD.

Zone 2: city fringe – Bowen Hills, Fortitude Valley, Kelvin Grove, New Farm, West End, Woolloongabba, South Brisbane, Kangaroo Point.

Zone 3: rest of Brisbane.

Zone 2 charges: up to and including three-hour meter, 7am-7pm Monday to Friday, $2.70 an hour; up to and including three-hour meter, 7-10pm Monday to Friday, $1.50 an hour; up to and including three-hour meter, 7am-7pm Saturday and Sunday, $1.50 an hour; four-hour meter and greater with maximum charge capped at $8.40, $1.60 an hour; four-hour meter and greater 7am-7pm Saturday and Sunday with a maximum charge of $4, $1 an hour.

Read the parking signs to confirm time limits for the area before payment. Do not park when restrictions or event signs are operating.

Meter types

In Brisbane, two types of parking meters are used: single and ticketless. Single meters display the period of time purchased, then count down to zero hours to indicate the parking transaction has expired. All meters of this type bear a sticker stating: "Display shows time remaining, e.g. 1:00 = 1 hour remaining.”

Ticketless meters record your registration details as a reference of your payment. There is no need to display a ticket on your vehicle. This meter displays the time of day for which a parking transaction expires. e.g. 1.48pm. Meter instructions show the times the meter is in use, the maximum parking time allowed and the coins that can be used. Some metered parking spaces in the CBD can change to clearways during peak hours. Always check the traffic signs before parking. For more information, visit the Brisbane City Council website.

Fee-capping system

Meters that allow you to park for more than four hours carry a fee cap. This maximum charge lets you park all day at a flat fee and is similar to what you find in some off-street parking stations. 

Maximum charges are: Zone 1: weekdays $10, weekends $6; zone 2: $8.40; zone 3: $5.

For example, the hourly rate in zone 2 (for meters with an allowable parking time of more than four hours) is $1.50, therefore if you put:

  • $3 into the meter, you get two hours of parking time.
  • $7.50 into the meter, you get five hours.
  • $8.40 into the meter, you can park for the maximum signed time (up to 12 hours).