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Parking tips

Top Tips

  1. Plan before your park – to save time and money.
  2. Book online to save money.
  3. Validate your ticket to receive an Early Bird discount.
  4. Check road closures for city event days: e.g. Anzac Day march.
  5. Take note of where (street address) and on what level you have parked.
  6. Check car park height restrictions.
  7. Check operating hours, as not all are open 24/7.
  8. Take note of instructional and directional information displayed for customers.
  9. Online bookings do not require customers to take an entry ticket.
  10. Check the car park’s entry address, as it’s not always the same as the physical street address.
  11. Park responsibly and “party park” overnight if you plan to have a few drinks.

Tips for Motorcyclists

Motorcycle and scooter parking spaces are provided in Brisbane’s inner city to allow you to park at a cheaper rate than in normal car spaces. 
When choosing where to park, make sure you check whether the parking has:
Time restrictions – these can vary from one hour to unlimited.
Meter fees – some on-road motorcycle parking is metered.
Please be considerate to pedestrians and fellow riders by following these simple guidelines:

  • Park only within signed areas.
  • Park with the back wheel in first.
  • Only one motorcycle or scooter is allowed per marked space.
  • If the bay is full, find an alternative space. Do not block other motorcycles in.
  • Dismount or walk your motorcycle or scooter while you are on the footpath.