Guided and self-guided walks

Guided walking tours

Join our experienced and knowledgeable volunteers on a one-hour venture through Roma Street Parkland. The best part? It’s completely free and there is no need to book! These guided walks leave from the Roma Street Parkland Information Booth in The Hub at 11am and 1pm daily.

As you explore the walkways together, your guide will share behind-the-scenes information about the parkland’s history and design. You’ll be led to the highlight attractions (with plenty of photo opportunities, of course!) as the group learns about the plants, wildlife, and hidden treasures in each precinct. 

The walk route and discussion will vary depending on which volunteer guides you – they all have their favourite places to share – so if you enjoy your first walk, why not come back for more? If there’s a specific place you want to know more about during the tour, make sure you ask and the guides will happily show you.

Please note that Roma Street Parkland’s free guided walks are dependent on volunteer availability, so we recommend calling the team on 1300 137 468 before arriving to make sure there is a tour running.

Self-guided walks

If you’re an independent explorer or you simply want some flexibility around your visiting times, why not take yourself for a tour of Roma Street Parkland?

To enjoy a self-guided walk, head to the Roma Street Parkland Information Booth in The Hub and collect a special self-guided tour map. Whether you’re searching for the Parkland’s most iconic spots, you want to enjoy unique flowers and plants, or you want to discover all 26 pieces of unique art scattered around, there’s a walking route for you. If you’re not sure where to start, ask the friendly volunteers in the booth for suggestions – they have a wealth of knowledge and are happy to help.