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Fast track your fitness at Roma Street Parkland

You don’t need a bootcamp, or a personal trainer to get fit! All you need are the stunning surrounds of Roma Street Parkland to motivate you as you step, run, walk or ride around the many tracks that loop this inner city greenspace.

Fitness Planking

Step it up

The Parkland’s unique topography, set into the side of a hill means there are several inclines, ramps and steps that are perfect for getting your heart rate up during a workout. Try somewhere new each day – Stairway to Knowledge’s solid concrete steps; the Amphitheatres more challenging terraced seating banks; run the grassy knolls of Spring Hill Corner or the embankment near Harry Oakman Pavilion; or simply grin and bear it as you march up the Rainforest boardwalk to be rewarded by the view from the Lookout.

Wheels keep turning

The Normanby Bikeway leads straight into the parkland – how convenient! Use Parkland Boulevard as a flat coasting section in your daily commute to the CBD, or set a challenge and ride up the hill towards Wickham and Gregory Terraces to feel the burn.

Run like the wind

Dozens of paved pathways criss-cross the Parkland, so you can take a different route on your run, jog or walk every day. Some are flat, like Weeping Fig Avenue and White Jacaranda Avenue, while others have an incline like Allee Bridge, or the boardwalk between The Hub and The Lookout. Spring Hill Corner and the Upper Parkland are popular for interval training, with shorter, steeper sections to get the blood pumping, and turfed areas suitable for a warm-down or some crunches to give your legs a break in between sets.

Stretch out

If the green, green grass of Celebration Lawn isn’t an invitation to roll out a yoga mat and salute to the sun, we don’t know what is! Adjacent to the calming splash of the water wall, the Celebration Precinct and neighbouring Lakeside Meadow are flat and open spaces suited to group fitness, yoga, pilates or just a gentle stroll in the early mornings. Just check the events calendar on the website to make sure there’s not a major festival taking place on the day you want to head in, and zen out.

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