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Interesting facts about Roma Street Parkland

Roma Street Parkland is a sprawling community space in the heart of Brisbane - over-flowing with unique facts and quirky finds! Whether you are confined to your couch or obliged to your (at-home) office space, take a break from your iso-grind and get educated on these interesting facts you may not know about Roma Street Parkland.

Eastern Water Dragon Roma Street Parkland

1. Roma Street Parkland is home to over 600 Eastern Water Dragons! They predominantly live in the Spectacle Garden within Colin Campbell Place and the Rainforest; however you can catch them meandering just about anywhere!

2. There are three main types of bee in Australia – European Honey, Australian Native and Solitary bees – all of which can be seen in the Spectacle Garden at Colin Campbell Place. The Parkland’s honeybees and native hives are actively managed by qualified apiarists, and are harvested once or twice a year, producing an average of 150kg of honey!

Lungfish Roma Street Parkland

3. Roma Street Parkland’s Lungfish have both gills and lungs for gaseous exchange which enables them to survive out of water, sometimes for several days at a time. As well, The Lungfish can live up to 100 years and is considered the oldest living vertebrate on the planet. *please note the Lungfish in this image was receiving a health check and was returned to the parkland lake afterwards.

4. Roma Street Parkland provides a haven for wildlife. The various precincts create microclimatic zones which make it attractive to a range of animals, particularly birds in what is largely an urban area.

Lake Roma Street Parkland

5. The Roma Street Parkland Lake covers more than 6,000 square metres, is 2.5 m deep and hold over 11,000,000 litres of water - That’s equivalent to 6 Olympic Swimming Pools!

6. All of Roma Street Parkland’s water features, irrigation and other watering activities utilise recycled water which is sourced, stored and treated onsite underneath Celebration Lawn.

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