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Things to do on your lunch break at Roma Street Parkland

Tired of the same old lunch break? Want to escape the work bubble, the computer screen and boring lunchroom? Roma Street Parkland is only a 10-minute walk from the CBD and has plenty of ideas to spice up your break time.  Grab your lunch and read on for these tips! 

Roma Street Parkland trees

Nature in your day

A wonderful way to reset for the remainder of the workday is to immerse yourself in the sanctuary that is Roma Street Parkland. This award-winning space has more than 100,000 shrubs, 1200 mature trees, 250 ferns, 1800 unique plants and 350 palms! Take a deep breath in amongst the greenery and be dazzled by the diverse range of animals that call the space home, including one of the largest urban colonies of the Easter Water Dragon.

Spectacle Garden

What a spectacle

The Spectacle Garden is like the jewel in the Roma Street Parkland crown, where you can literally stop and smell the blooms. These flamboyant flowers are changed with the seasons and you will notice something different growing each time you visit. Interestingly, The Spectacle Garden boasts its very own native bee hives, encouraging pollination and resulting in an abundance of healthy, colourful blossoms. In keeping with the theme of sustainability, the Parklands also have worms, compost, an onsite soil production facility and water features that use recycled water which is stored onsite.

Fitness Planking

Garden fitness

Wish you could put more steps in your day? Trying to make it through that Couch to 5K? Roma Street Parkland have 16 hectares of gorgeous greenery for you and your lunch buddy to get those Fitbit numbers soaring.  If you are looking for something high intensity though, why not lunge up and down the hills of the Amphitheatre space, run around the perimeters of the Upper Promenade, plank down on the Celebration Lawn or even jog the various staircases. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

Roma Street Parkland Lake

Slow down

If wandering at a leisurely pace sounds more appealing, why not wander down to the Flying Duck part of the grounds that overlooks the lake. This lake, which is made up of 11 million litres of rainfall or recycled water, contains Lungfish, a rare and protected fish that lives to 100 and are believed to have existed with the dinosaurs! You may also spot fresh water mullet, silver perch and plenty of bird life. The Flying Duck part of the grounds is the perfect place read a book, meditate or simply eat your lunch and take in the quiet ambience and the sound of running water. If you are wanting to change up your lunch break, it’s time to discover an oasis hidden in plain sight. You will return to work refreshed and recharged.

Roma Street Parkland Barbeque

Friday feast

Did you know that there are 15 BBQ’s located in various spots across the Parkland, including two that are licenced? Why not grab the work team together for a Friday late lunch, cook up some snags and enjoy the outdoors together? You could even bring some outdoor games like croquet or lawn bowls to take advantage of the space. The BBQ’s at the Lakeside Lawn have an amazing view of the water and wildlife, so Roma Street Parkland is a great option for a social club lunch.

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