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Winter Annual Highlights at Roma Street Parkland

The Winter Annual flower display is a highlight of Roma Street Parkland. While summer in Brisbane requires plants to be nurtured and robust to survive the heat, the beauty of the subtropical climate and the cool, dry weather in winter, allows us to enjoy more variety and seasonal plants. Here we share the must-see flowers of the season featured in the Spectacle Garden.

Ornamental Kale Spectacle Garden

Ornamental Kale (Brassica oleracea)

Always a drawcard is the Ornamental Kale. This season you can see it in pink, red and white. Ornamental Kale loves the cold – the colder and longer the winter, the better!

Primula Malacoides


This season, you will find two types of Primula’s in the Parkland perfect for providing colour in shaded areas. Primula malacoides in shades of white, pink and purple, flower vigorously in part-shade and some sun. 

Primula Obconica

Primula obconica is prominent in red, blue and magenta. A rare speciality to the garden, these flowers must be ordered in January for flowering in August!  

Iceland Poppy

Iceland Poppy (Papaver nudicaule) 

Colourful poppy’s have a great impact on mass display, especially blowing in a cool winter’s breeze. They also attract the friendly bees! This season you’ll find the Iceland Poppy in orange, yellow and red. 

Snapdragon Spectacle Garden

Snapdragon (Antirrhinum majus) 

Called Snapdragon’s for a reason (fun fact: if you press the sides, they snap!) they range in size from Dwarf to Medium to Tall. Here you’ll find the Dwarf variety on display in red, dark red, yellow and orange.

Pansy and Viola

As with other seasonal plants, Viola (Viola x hybrida) and Pansy (Viola x wittrockiana) offer an endless colour palette – black, red, yellows, and blues. Best in full sun, the beauty of these flowers is you can paint whatever picture you want. The smaller, finer Viola is also ideal for using in tight corners or detailed displays to create more intricate plans and lines. 

Top Tip: When planting, remove all the flowers and pinch the next buds for 2 to 3 weeks. This process, called “pinching out” makes the plant put energy into growing. When you stop, it will all flower at once producing bigger, better and healthier plants!

While viewing the incredible colour of the Winter Annual, spot some friendly creatures enjoying the display. The seasonal variety attracts the European Honey Bee and Native Stingless Bee – both local residents in the Spectacle Garden hives. It’s also the perfect place for the Butterfly enthusiasts amongst us – get your cameras and tripods ready!

The Winter Annuals are in bloom at Roma Street Parkland until late September.

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