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Canungra Sky Sports Paragliding and Hang Gliding School

224 Four Mile Lane, Boyland, Queensland 4275


Learn how to Paraglide and Hang glide in Queensland with Australia's most experienced female instructor and her experienced team. They provide lessons and courses on the Gold Coast, from intro Paragliding and hang gliding day courses right through to full pilot license courses and tandem flights.

They operate in Canungra, Beechmont and Mount Tamborine areas of the Gold Coast hinterland in South East Queensland of Australia. Their team pride themselves on the quality of instruction and their high safety standards. You will not find a school more passionate about flying and passing on their knowledge and skills.

Canungra Sky Sports Flight Training Facility is ​approved by the Hang Gliding Federation of Australia. The Facility is supervised and owned by HGFA certified Chief Flight Instructor Lisa Bradley.

Tours & Rates

Learn to Fly - Paragliding 2 Day Course
A two-day​ lesson is a great way to give paragliding a go and see if this is the sport for you. They will cover equipment, launch techniques, pre-flight checks and basic flying skills. You will fly solo when you and your instructor thinks it's appropriate!

Your day lesson begins with an equipment introduction and demonstration. You learn how to set the glider up. Then you will learn to launch and ground handle the paraglider on gentle slopes close to the ground. They practice inflating and controlling the wing on the ground, learning the launch sequence, discussing the landing, and steering skills before introducing the element of flight. Confidence will often grow at this point and you may surprise yourself with how quickly you are progressing.

In the afternoon, look forward to solo flights from gentle training hills. Depending on your skills, confidence and the conditions, your instructor will give you the option to fly higher from the training slopes.

Day two you will be flying from a 20 metre training hill, This is what this course is about, you become the pilot.

Now is your time to learn to fly so stop dreaming and start living it!
Price: $350 - $600
This is a two-day course, five hours a day.


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224 Four Mile Lane, Boyland, 4275, Queensland, Australia

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