10 guilt-free eats at South Bank

It goes without saying that we love food, food and more food here at South Bank. But what do you do when you’re trying to keep in shape and want to avoid the calories? Why, you pick up one of these healthy treats of course!

Kiss the Berry
Acai bowl from Kiss the Berry
These taste so good they should be bad for you – think a thick, acai smoothie in a bowl, topped with fresh fruit, yoghurt, granola and more. They even have a snickers flavour, which replaces chocolate with a trendy superfood, raw cacao. 

The Nourish and Flourish at Grill'd
Gone are the days of the unhealthy burger – this option comes complete with an trim and tidy low-carb bun. It’s also got beef for protein and plenty of salad for an added health kick.

Beef chilli bowl at Brooklyn Depot
Skipping the yummy fried options at Brooklyn Depot can be hard, but having this on the menu makes it so much easier. Packed with lean beef and topped with yoghurt and guacamole, it’s still got plenty of flavour.

Viet de Lites
Vietnamese chicken salad at Viet de Lites
This is no ordinary chicken salad – packed with punchy, Vietnamese flavours and loaded with healthy ingredients like herbs and leafy greens, you won’t feel like you’re missing out.

Char-grilled chicken skewers at South Bank Beer Garden
Chicken is a delicious (but still tasty) protein and grilling it keeps the calorie count down. These skewers do come with chips, so ask for a side of salad instead to keep things trim.

Seafood platter at South Beach Social
Laden with fresh seafood like oysters, prawns and crab, this incredible offering (designed for sharing) is rich in vitamins and minerals such as zinc and omega-3s. 

Denim Co
Pineapple and coconut punch with mint at Denim Co
These cups of liquid gold are straight-up FRESH. Perfect on a warm Queensland day, they’ll cool you down without the calories.

A smoothie from Boost Juice
No matter what your favourite fruit is, you’ll find a smoothie bursting with it at Boost Juice. Our picks include the mango and banana options.

Salmon shioyaki at San Kai
Who doesn’t love a spot of Japanese cuisine? This salmon dish at San Kai is lightly grilled and it’s also gluten free.

Raindrop cake at Harajuku Gyoza
This dessert is super fun to eat, has zero calories and makes an excellent Instagram shot – winning on all fronts!

For an extra dose of wellness, make sure you check out the Medibank Feel Good Program, a series of free outdoor fitness classes at South Bank.