9 things to do at Out of the Box

Get ready to jump, dance, learn, laugh and create – Out of the Box, Brisbane’s very own children’s festival, is back!

Held at QPAC from 26 June to 1 July 2018, this year’s program features something for everyone. All designed for kids aged eight years and under, here are the highlights you don’t want to miss.

Out of the Box Jarjum Life Museum

Jarjum Life Museum | All ages | Throughout the festival

Here’s a novel concept – a museum created exclusively by children! And yes, it’s as delightful and fascinating as it sounds. Curated by children aged 4 to 9, Jarjum Life Museum provides an intimate, funny and honest view into the lives, experiences, ideas and dreams of these young people today.

We Are | For kids aged 3+ | Flowstate (located outside of QPAC, in the South Bank Parklands)

Allow your child to flex their creative muscles are We Are, a celebration of children, place and culture. At We Are, kids can paint their reflection and add it to an exhibition that highlights the many facets of identity.

Out of the Box Air Play

Air Play | For kids aged 3+ | Concert Hall

This is a circus you don’t want to miss. Hailed as vibrant, modern and completely enchanting, New York’s Air Play merges circus and street theater performances with art and sculptural artistry. See flying umbrellas, larger-than-life balloons, giant kites floating over the audience and plenty more.

Slapdash Galaxy | For kids aged 5+ | Studio 1

What do you get when you cross a spell-binding story with old bits of rubbish? Why, shadow puppets in space of course! Slapdash Galaxy uses only old boxes, bubble wrap, drinking straws, tennis balls, ping pong bats and old toys to tell the story of Sam and Junior, two brothers who must flee their barren planet and embark on an epic quest across the galaxy.

Out of the Box Dance

Dance… Like No One is Watching | For kids aged 4+ | Melbourne Street Green

The name says it all. Dance... Like No One Is Watching is a celebration of music and movement bringing all ages together in one giant dance party. To do it, the Melbourne Street Green will be transformed into a giant dance floor! 

King of the Kids | For kids aged 2+ | Studio 2

Join firm family favourite Tim Jackman as he dances and sings to a classic set of sons about twinkling stars, climbing spiders, tipping teapots and a whole lot of animals. You're guaranteed to be Feelin' Groovy by the encore... and that's what it's all about!

Out of the Box Corka Bubs

Corka Bubs | For kids aged 3 years and below | Tony Gould Gallery

This is seriously cute stuff – an Aboriginal contemporary dance class created just for babies! All moves are gentle and interactive, so you can connect with your child through a beautiful shared theatre experience. 

Duck | For kids aged 2-5 | Cremorne Theatre

A beautiful piece of theatre, Duck tells the story of a boy and his best friend, Duck, before Duck mysteriously goes missing. When the boy ventures to search for him without any luck, we’re left wondering, will Duck ever be found again? During Duck, children will giggle and gasp and parents will be taken back to their childhood once again.

Out of the Box Guru Dudu

Guru Dudu | For kids aged 4+ | Cascade Court

Get ready to dance! At Guru Dudu, you’ll enjoy a silent disco walking tour of QPAC and its surrounds. Funky local guides will supply you with headphones, hilarious commentary and a dance-mix of uplifting tunes from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and 00’s.

For the full program and ticketing information, head to Out of the Box’s website.

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