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A family's guide to the Epicurious Garden

Epicurious Garden

Introduce your child to the sights, scents and colours of South Bank’s working community edible garden, the Epicurious Garden.

Located at the River Quay end of the Parklands, right in front of the City Hopper ferry terminal, the Epicurious Garden is a peaceful, fragrant and wonderfully engaging part of South Bank. Gardeners rotate the plantings of herbs, fruits and vegetables seasonally, so there is something new to see, touch, taste or smell all year round.

As well as being beautiful to look at and wonderful to smell, the Epicurious Garden has lots of raised gardens filled with herbs that you can pick and taste! Test out new flavour combinations for salads or marinades and learn which herbs are best suited to the Queensland subtropical climate, so you can plan your own home garden.

Flowering plants
At certain times of year, the Epicurious Garden even has edible flowers! Nasturtiums, marigolds, violas and flowering thyme can all be spotted in the garden beds, as well as lavender. The flowers from garlic shoots, passionfruit vines, tomato plants, ginger and pineapple are also stunning (though not edible) features of the garden when they are in bloom.

Fruits and vegetables
Statuesque snow pea and runner bean teepees, sprawling squash and pumpkin vines, twee little strawberry runners and forests of sugar cane are all fascinating places for young children to explore. Learning where their food comes from, and what they look like before it hits the dinner plate is a great way to encourage fussy eaters to be more adventurous with their meals. You’d be surprised what a child will try when they’ve picked it, grown it or seen it in the garden first!

Tips for growing at home
Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, volunteers tend the garden alongside South Bank’s horticulture staff to ensure the fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers are all growing nicely and free from weeds! The volunteers love chatting with visitors about what they’re planting or harvesting and have lots of handy tips about growing your own food at home.

Before you head off, check the harvest cart down on the Clem Jones Promenade in front of the garden to see what has been picked or pruned that day, and you can take it home, for free! If you’re not sure how to find the Epicurious Garden, check out the official South Bank map.

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