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Brisbane's most beautiful running route

Runner Stretching

It’s coming to that time of year when stepping outside won’t reduce us to puddles of sweat and regret anymore (hooray!). With our workout concerns no longer involving bursting into flames, it’s time to slip on those running shoes and take on Brisbane’s best running track – the famous river loop.

Take it from us: even the most voracious daydreamer can’t compare a treadmill to this stunning course. A fast favourite of CBD workers, the 7km round trip starts by the waters at Eagle Street Pier, making those sunrise and sunset runs a knockout. 

Once you’ve finished warming up, make the crossing over the Story Bridge and down to Kangaroo Point (yes, there are stairs, and yes, your calves will thank you later). This is where your loop divides into two: first, you can opt to continue the run by making your way onto the Goodwill Bridge; but our preferred way to go is grabbing breakfast, dinner, or a motivational coffee at one of South Bank’s restaurants or cafes.

Finish the loop with a jog (or post-feast walk) up the Goodwill Bridge and through the leafy Botanic Gardens. Alternatively, for the less cardio-inclined, the gardens make a scenic starting point for a shorter, 3km loop to the South Bank Parklands.

Sorry, treadmill – we had a good run.

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