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Cool kid-friendly dining spots

Three words: no grown-ups allowed. South Bank’s clubhouse of delish kids’ menus have been specially designed for your little one’s tastebuds – and your peace of mind.

Sick of risking a toddler tantrum when you don’t want to share your burger (it’s really good, OK?) or buying super-sized meals they’ll want two bites of? Check out these kid-friendly spots for meals the tykes will love, just don’t blame us if you wind up feeling jealous.

Kids Dining

Zeus Street Greek

This is one kids’ menu you’ll want to Hera ‘bout! (C’mon guys, Greek god jokes are hard.) Even if your mini-god could enter the Olympics for picky eating, they’ll love the kid-sized chicken and lamb pitas packed with chips and tzatziki at Zeus Street Greek. You can even wander up to the counter for fun activities while you wait!

Cucina by Toscani’s 

Don’t want a pizza that 5 o’clock tantrum today? Here’s your solution when those little tummies are pasta point of no return. At Cucina by Toscani’s, you won’t hear a peep as you tuck into plates of wild mushroom risotto or lamb and halloumi pizzas – they’ll be too enraptured by bowls of spaghetti or their very own bolognaise pizza.


Has cooking two dinners bun driving you up the wall? Grab a meal the whole family will love with the "mini me" packs from Grill’d (and your very own burger minus the tiny teeth marks). These kiddie packs include a mini chicken or beef burger, tomato sauce, a mini serve of chips, and water or juice, and are packed in a cute cardboard box with a 3D puzzle.

Guzman Y Gomez

Good news: doing the dishes is nacho problem tonight! Grab a mexcellent lunch or dinner for the whole family with GYG’s Little Guy burritos, cheesy quesadillas, and nachos. And yes, that means you won’t have to share your guac any more – go ahead and let out a sigh of relief.

Southbeach Social

When the wave of hunger hits on the weekend, bring the kids upstairs from Streets Beach to Southbeach Social. Featuring special kids breakfast dishes 'Better than Dads' for savoury-lovers including eggs, bacon and sourdough or 'Lil Waffle' for a sweet option of a cinnamon waffle with icecream, strawberries and maple syrup.

Time to bring out the junior food critics.