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Eating out keto style at South Bank

Want to dine out but without compromising your commitment to kicking carbs? South Bank has a great range of healthy eating options available across the board, but if you’re looking for a keto-friendly experience, check out these great ideas. 

Suki Jurassic Bowl


Sometimes all the things you want for come together in one beautiful bowl of keto-approved goodness. The Jurassic Bowl at SUKI delivers, with sesame beef, broccoli, spinach, edamame, zucchini, carrot and a ‘togarashi’ mayo. For lunch on the go that ticks all the keto boxes, check SUKI out—or if you’re after something a little different, play around and design your own bowl! 

Viet de Lites 

Spice up your keto menu with the full flavour of the Viet de Lites kitchen on Little Stanley Street. From a clean and delicious steamed chicken salad, a hot and spicy tamarind fish or prawn soup, or grilled salmon with salad or vegies, you’ll have your keto bases covered and your tastebuds invigorated. 


If you like your buns super low carb, Grill’d has the burger you’re looking for. The SuperBun is gluten, grain and dairy free, and while it may be a little on the flatter side, when it’s filled with your favourite flame-grilled or slow-cooked, tender, juicy and fresh fillings that are big on flavour, you certainly won’t be searching for those missing carbs!  

Kiss the Berry 

Bursting with antioxidants and essential fatty acids, and low in sugar and carbs, açaí berries pack a powerful health punch. Kiss the Berry knows exactly how to put together a beautifully balanced bowl of this super food, so you can get your treat fix, without compromising on carbs and refined sugar.

Coco Bliss 

While they too rock a delicious açaí bowl, Coco Bliss also has a range of savoury options with the standout keto choice being a poached chicken bowl with avocado, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, and of course succulent poached chicken pieces (hold the quinoa), finished with a mustard vinaigrette. Don’t know about you, but we feel healthy just thinking about it!

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