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Embark on a family scavenger hunt

Rainforest Walk

South Bank Parklands is filled with fun things to see, do, eat and smell! See the park from a new angle, and keep the whole family amused with this list of items to find and activities to try throughout the Parklands. The best part? They are all completely free!

1. Find a suitcase made of concrete
2. Spot an Eastern Water Dragon
3. Walk like an ibis
4. Find a leaf bigger than your hand
5. Locate the bridge made of wood and a bridge made of concrete
6. Find fish and birds swimming with water lillies
7. Have your photo taken with the Wollemi Pine (hint: it looks like a Christmas Tree)
8. Look for a blue flower
9. Sit on a dugong
10. Spot a butterfly
11. Find a man flying through the air on his bike
12. Look for animal tracks and footprints
13. Find a waterfall
14. Collect seed pods from the ground
15. Find a window where it’s snowing
16. Walk barefoot through a stream
17. Find a leaf or petal in the shape of a heart
18. Sniff out some herbs
19. Find the pink flower pots
20. Roll down a hill
21. Draw a smiley face in the sand.

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